Molly Buccini

The price is high for bad tech. We’re talking millions of dollars in high-value assets wasted, because companies don’t have the ability to seamlessly integrate content onto their websites.

These high-value content assets like white papers, ebooks, case studies and videos are powerful lead generation and brand awareness tools – when they’re promoted to the right audiences. But, when these assets end up stuck in email inboxes, waiting for tech teams and internal resources to get around to them, they gather dust and ultimately provide no ROI.

Sad fact: Brafton estimates show roughly 50 percent of high value content assets never make it onto a website.

But, there’s good news! Marketers are committing to turning this around, and in 2015 the term “martech” was heard more than ever.

  • 60% say they plan to spend more on marketing technology in the next two years
  • 39% consider it a top priority to develop skills in marketing operations and technology
  • 87% report better performance thanks to the technology they implement

Brafton’s approach to marketing technology: Arch Premium

Brafton’s proprietary content marketing platform seamlessly delivers content, with customizable options that improve your bottom line. This can look like:

Conversion landing pages: When you need web pages to showcase downloadable assets, we create Arch-hosted pages custom to our clients’ site. (One giant benefit? No work required your tech team.)

Conversion Landing Page Example Brafton

Native or popup forms: Online forms can help generate leads from downloadable and long-form content.

On-site call to actions: CTAs are delivered by Arch to appear inline within content, encouraging clicks from even “casual” readers.

Inline Call to Action Example Brafton


Real-time lead delivery: Arch Premium Alerts deliver real time notifications for every lead your content generates, making it easy for your sales team to take fast action. 

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