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Explainer Videos

What’s the easiest, most efficient way to promote your brand, describe your product and inform your prospects? Explainer videos.

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Explain Your Brand

Everyone is strapped for time, and your target audience is bombarded with competing products and services every day. So how do you get your brand in front of the right people at the right moment?

And then get them to convert?

At Brafton, we know short, quick-hitting videos work. Targeted, personalised videos even better.

Your brand isn’t a static, one-dimensional image that can be conveyed in words alone. You need to create effective 2D, 3D, live-action and hybrid explainer videos that elevate your brand and illustrate your offerings.

Our visuals speak for you.

Check Out These Explainer Video Examples

Animated Explainers

For branding initiatives, animated explainer videos are the way to go. A short video animation lets you showcase your product or service and explain it via voiceover.

With 2D animation, even complex concepts are simple to understand and visualise. This is an effective technique to communicate logistical processes, software features or abstract systems.

3D animation can give your audience a view of your products in ways they could not otherwise get. Few things demonstrate your products’ quality better than a literal view of them at work – and with 3D animation, you can provide just that, even with the most complex of items.

Character animations allow you to give viewers a tour of your company’s mission, brand story and vision.

Animated video is so much more than moving pictures and a voiceover; it’s your opportunity to make a strong first impression of your brand. Video creation highlights the design features of your brand, such as style, tone, colour, logo and typography.

Even your animation style can say something about your company’s identity and its unique selling proposition. When it’s time for your buyers to make a purchasing decision, those visual elements will help them remember who you are.

See, your hard-to-sell product or service isn’t so dull after all.

Live-Action Explainers

A live-action explainer video provides a guided tour through the ins and outs of your products or services.

A video production that features a combination of human talent, music, subtitles, instructional directions, graphical annotations, narration and real-world film turn ordinary objects into captivating specimens, and complex concepts into compelling ideas.

Choosing a face to represent your brand humanises it and gives you the opportunity to introduce personalities that can sell your company’s strongest points. Whether a customer testimonial that’s wrapped into an explainer video, a company leader describing the mission and vision of your company, or one of your experts detailing the benefits of your products or services, making a human connection with your audience can be a compelling way to draw in leads.

In essence, video shows the best side of your business.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation is a boundary-breaking technique that gives you the opportunity to put complicated topics in plain language and visuals. This captivating, easy to follow format that gives you the opportunity to educate your audience on the challenges that you can alleviate and the problems you can solve.

A whiteboard video is a unique animation style, the focal point being a drawing that takes place in front of the viewers’ eyes. As the drawing becomes more detailed and the voiceover provides context and commentary, a story unfolds, revealing the key points of the animation.

Screencast Explainers

Any company that sells a mobile or desktop application can benefit from a screencast video that gives a step-by-step tutorial of how to best utilise it. Your products’ best features are clear once your customers begin using it. But before you make a sale – and before your audience knows how your app works – you need to be able to demonstrate its value.

Screencast videos give you the perfect platform to give prospects a tour of your product, showcasing each and every powerful feature, and explaining the challenges it can help overcome.

Kinetic Typography Explainers

Combine the power of the pen with the value of video.

Kinetic typography videos are captivating ways to deliver a message that’s best explained in words. Use this medium to highlight key phrases that demonstrate your mission, vision, or products or services. Or, directly quote customer testimonials in a new, engaging way to share on social media, your website or via email.

Typography videos are clear representations of your brand style, while leaning on the attention-grabbing nature of animation.

Video Marketing Strategy

No process, product or company is out of reach for an explainer video. Humans are built to consume video content, and people spend 2.6X more time on pages with video than those without.

It’s not just average consumers who are video-hungry, though. Nearly 60% of top business executives prefer watching videos rather than reading articles that explain the same subject.

To reach your target audience, whoever that may be, you need video at the front of your digital marketing strategy more than ever.

When, Where and How to Use Video

Your business provides solutions. But how do you convince leads of this if they’ve never done business with you?

Explainer videos are direct, concise and methodical – the perfect medium to prove yourself, to nurture prospects, to close a deal.

Top-performing marketers use explainers across a number of channels, including email, social media, trade shows, events, retargeting campaigns, landing pages and sales enablement.

To put it simply: If you’ve got a message, a marketing video can communicate it.

Creativity at Scale

The animators and videographers on our creative team handle video assets of every type and across every industry, with the best tools and strategies driving their work.

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