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Website Design Services

Your website says a lot about your brand. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your site’s design.

Brafton’s robust website design and development services ensure you always make a great first impression with a professionally designed website.

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Why Web Design Matters

You might think the only thing that matters is bringing interested people to your website to see what you have to offer. After all, you’ve successfully led them there with top-grade search engine optimisation, ranking first on the search engines and having an awesome social media campaign.

But having a mediocre website is like finally walking into a store you heard so much about and seeing everything disorganised, dishevelled and unprofessional, not to mention aesthetically unappealing. The website visitors might turn away and look elsewhere before even considering what you have to offer.

That’s what custom website design is and what a web design service offers: An attractive and inviting first impression in the form of an exceptional user journey. This encourages your customers to act, conveys what your company is about and defines your brand identity.

You might wonder if it’s worth hiring someone to design your new website. After all, anyone can start building website content with a few simple-to-use, readily-available tools. While it’s true you could try to do it yourself, understand that website development is an art composed by web designers with a vision. That vision is how to portray your business in the best way possible.

Just like you wouldn’t hire an inexperienced writer to create an award-winning screenplay or an amateur artist to paint something worthy of a museum, you wouldn’t want a beginner to design your website. You need a team with a vision and the skills to implement it. You don’t just want a website — you want one that wows your customers and invites them to look further.

Your website needs to balance functionality with beauty, enticing visitors to explore pages while supporting your commercial and marketing efforts. It’s a careful balancing act between beauty, functionality and tangible results.

How Our Design Process Works

Brafton’s web development services can help you find that perfect balance and create a website that serves as the centrepiece of your online presence.

Our web design and development team uses the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) and user experience (UX) best practices to craft mockups and websites tailored to any business and industry.

As an agency working with clients in a wide range of industries, including health care, technology, software, finance, manufacturing, education and more, we have the in-house knowledge to cater our professional web design services to your brand. Whether you need a consumer-facing e-commerce website, business-forward site to promote B2B services or something else altogether, we’re ready to help.

Most website design or redesign projects follow these basic steps:

Brafton's website design services begin with a site architecture review.

1. Review Site Architecture

Before we get started, we want to know how your site is currently organised and whether it’s in line with the best practices for your industry. We’ll make suggestions for how to re-organize your pages and navigation, visually delivered via wireframe.

Next, Brafton's team reviews your website assets.

2. Collect Website Assets

Maintaining brand consistency is important in a website redesign, as returning visitors should recognise immediately that you’re still you, just with a new look. You’ll provide the logos, colours, typefaces and other elements that define your brand so our designers stay on-brand throughout the process.

Brafton's web development team creates a beta site for you.

3. Create Beta Site

Your web designer will create a fully functioning website on our development server. You’ll have the opportunity to explore it as if it’s your actual site, pointing out changes you’d like to see and the parts we got just right. Three complementary rounds of edits ensure your completed redesign is perfect.

We conduct quality assurance testing to ensure your website works properly.

4. Conduct Quality Assurance Testing

Once you give us the thumbs-up on your custom web design, we’ll make sure the look and layout remain consistent across all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) operating systems (including iOS and Android) and browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others).

Once approved, we launch your site.

5. Launch the Site

With your site polished and ready to go, now’s the time to launch it. We’ll work with you to determine the right day and time to go live with the new-and-improved site. Your consultant can create a go-live plan that helps ensure it’s crawled correctly and communicated across your audiences, including submitting your new sitemap to be indexed by the leading search engines.

Brafton's website design services include a 30-day support period following the site launch.

6. 30-day Support Period

Following your site launch, we’ll be on standby to help out with any issues or questions that may arise. We’ll also train you on the new site so you and your team feel completely comfortable with making changes to the copy or other on-page elements. If small changes are necessary during this period, we’ll take care of them in a timely manner.

See Our Work

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End-to-End Website Design Services for Every Need

Brafton web design services run the gamut from redesigning existing sites to crafting new websites from the ground up.

User experience informs every decision we make to build a website that puts your brand in the best position to compete in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace.

As a full-service web design company, we can support every need and requirement your project demands.

Our web design services and solutions include:

Website Wireframes

Brafton web designers and developers outline the skeleton of your site, giving you a structural blueprint of your website, including the layout of different pages. Our website design services also account for responsive design demands, producing wireframes that are customised for different devices and platforms.

Website Mockups

Mockups go a step beyond wireframes, adding more graphical elements to flesh out your website’s visuals. Brafton’s talented website designers create mockups that give you a sense of how your finished website will look and feel. Every mockup project is carefully tailored to our clients’ business model, target audience and marketplace, incorporating the nuances of their industry into the design.

Mockups can extend to every corner of your sitemap, providing a comprehensive overview of the layout and design of your website before design work gets underway.

Responsive Web Design

It’s a mobile-first world, and your website needs to reflect changes in user behaviour to reach the largest audience possible. Search engines like Google and Bing reward websites that are able to deliver strong UX to a wide variety of users (mobile, browser, desktop, etc.), making mobile responsive websites absolutely essential for digital marketing.

Brafton development teams consult you on every aspect of responsive web design, ensuring that your finished responsive website is ready to engage users across all device types, including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Driven by responsive website design best practices, we help your site rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and deliver a better user experience to the widest audience possible.

Website Auditing

Performance metrics such as page speed are important criteria for search engine ranking. Routine site checks are essential to ranking higher in SERPs, holding search positions for top-performing landing pages and directing more organic traffic to your site.

Website audits assess your website’s performance to better understand what changes need to be made with a site redesign to better serve your marketing needs. Brafton teams thoroughly check technical factors that could impact your search ranking and outline actionable steps to improve them.

Graphic Design

Graphical components give your site life, adding eye-popping visuals that draw in visitors and appeal to their senses. Brafton’s experienced and creative designers work with your team to ensure every graphical element aligns with your brand guidelines and standards, creating a website that fully reflects who you are and what your message is.

Our graphic design services are continually expanding, incorporating more sophisticated forms of visual communication to engage users and tell your brand story.

We also offer a wide range of custom graphic design packages, including standalone offerings. One-off projects cover branding logo design, brochure design and anything else businesses need to support their marketing campaigns and business goals.

Landing Page Design

Brafton’s production teams collaborate to create landing pages for your website that boost SERP rankings and bring qualified organic traffic to your site. A team of professional writers create landing page copy that’s carefully researched and crafted to rank for targeted search queries.

Graphic design teams produce detailed page layouts that showcase the finished look of your landing pages before they are published on your site. Our website designers thoughtfully select each graphical element to create the best user experience and support your marketing and commercial goals.

We incorporate the latest web design and development best practices — for instance, using modular panels on home pages to display social media feeds and other variable content. This gives businesses up-to-date custom websites that are built to perform.

On-Page SEO

Seemingly insignificant backend factors could have a profound impact on your site’s search ranking. Brafton’s SEO team supports website design or redesign projects by closely analysing site health and checking for issues that could prevent your website from reaching its full potential. We thoroughly assess every aspect of your website, using site crawls, content checks, landing page analyses and more, to flush out underlying problems that may hurt site ranking and performance.

Web Hosting Consultation

Although Brafton does not directly offer web hosting services, we can provide our years of experience to help answer any questions you have and help you find the right website hosting solution for your business.

Our website designers, developers and consultants have worked with virtually every content management system and hosting platform in use today, and we are more than happy to share our insights with your technical teams. Even if we can’t deliver a hosting service ourselves, we can point you in the right direction and help you find the best hosting provider available.

Brafton website design services
and solutions finetune every
aspect of your site to better
support your marketing and
commercial goals.

Build a Better Business Through a Better Website

Turn your website into your business’s greatest asset by making it easier for prospective customers to find you online, impressing new visitors, engaging returning users, generating qualified leads and producing more revenue.

In-house design teams may not have the time, resources or specialised knowledge needed to meet your goals, whether you want to build an e-commerce website, brand website or microsite. Working with a professional website design team gives you the benefit of their experience, skills and expertise — without taking internal resources away from other important jobs.

Brafton website design services and solutions fine-tune every aspect of your site to better support your marketing and commercial goals in a constantly shifting digital landscape. We use our years of experience and keen understanding of SEO and content marketing best practices to tailor every web design project — whether it’s a simple redesign or full teardown — to increase search ranking, online visibility and engagement metrics.

Unlock the full potential of your brand’s website today.

Looking for great service at a great price? We offer affordable web design services to fit any marketing budget. Whether you need to build a custom website from scratch or optimise your existing landing pages, we can help.

Our marketing specialists and design experts make sure every aspect of your website is engineered to increase organic traffic, online presence, search ranking, user engagement, qualified leads and sales revenue.

Brafton is a website design agency, an SEO company, a content producer and an experienced marketing consultant — all wrapped up in one.

We don’t specialise in a single narrow field. We offer every digital marketing service you might need, maintain the highest quality possible and manage the entire process from conception to launch. It’s really just that easy.

Want to help your business grow? A fully optimised custom website will increase your brand’s online presence and drive more potential customers into your arms. And working with an experienced web design agency will prepare your site to capitalise on new sales opportunities.

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