Email Marketing Consulting

Email is the most important marketing channel at your disposal. The return on investment outpaces many other marketing touch points, and email’s versatility means you can use it for brand awareness, lead generation, nurturing, conversion and more.

Not sure how to make the most of your email marketing opportunities? That’s where Brafton’s email marketing consulting services come into play. Our expert consultants can help with everything from creating marketing automation campaigns to writing email copy.

Why Every Digital Marketing Strategy Needs Email

Every good digital marketing strategy is multifaceted: Having a website isn’t enough. Brands also need carefully thought-out blogs, active social media accounts, and content like informative articles, captivating videos and helpful graphics that can be shared.

Amidst all this content creation and digital strategy, marketers also need to consider distribution. Without a reliable distribution channel, all the time and effort that goes into creating collateral means next to nothing.

Enter email: 87% of B2B marketers and 79% of B2C marketers say email is one of their most important marketing channels. A great way to build lasting relationships with your customers, targeted email campaigns can be tailored through the use of specific content designed to resonate with a broad audience.

Email helps brands reach large swathes of potential customers quickly and easily. The vast majority of consumers check their email inboxes daily, and you can bet that includes your target audience. In particular, email is excellent for:

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Generating qualified leads.
  • Nurturing your top sales prospects.
  • Winning conversions that translate into more sales and higher revenue.

Whatever business, marketing or commercial goals you’ve set out for your next campaign, email marketing can help achieve them. The low cost and ability to reach a wide audience with email marketing campaigns make them a must for your business.

Brafton’s experienced email marketing consultants will help craft the right strategy to match your industry, audience and goals. Take advantage of our email marketing services to reach a wider audience and bring in more qualified leads.

How To Start Building Your Email Marketing Campaign

Every email marketing campaign needs a detailed strategy to target the right audience and deliver results. Brafton has established a can’t-miss step-by-step process to support any commercial goals.

Define Your Audience

Establishing a target audience informs every aspect of your email marketing efforts, from the message to the tone to the call to action to the sending frequency. We first need to outline who we’re trying to reach before we can begin devising the best email marketing strategy possible:

  • Are they consumers or business users?
  • Are they already familiar with your brand or will this build awareness?
  • Have they signed up for your newsletter or email list?
  • Are they a former or returning customer?
  • Have they responded to your previous targeted email marketing campaigns?

Most likely, you’ll target multiple audiences through email, each with different answers to these questions. Our expert team of email marketers can get a better idea of who we are trying to reach and how to effectively engage them by understanding the details of each audience.

Build an Email List

Once you have a broad idea of who you want to target, you can start to dig deeper and create an email list filled with qualified leads, potential prospects or former customers.

Building a good email list involves understanding a few key concepts:

  • Legal requirements, such as GDPR and other data protection laws.
  • Contact data, and what conclusions you can draw from what you know about the people in your database.
  • List creation methods for the marketing automation programme you use.
  • Understanding the ways engagement rates can tell how a potential client would likely absorb your email marketing content.

Brafton can help build out a subscriber list by developing conversion-oriented content that uses sign-up forms, event registration opportunities and other calls to action to encourage more people to opt into your email marketing programme.

Segmenting your sales targets even further will refine your email lists, letting you create dedicated campaigns for specific audiences based on their level of engagement, position in the sales funnel and more. This separation works to build brand loyalty among your wider audience, by avoiding blanket email marketing that could prove repetitive or irrelevant if you’re emailing all of your customers on an overly frequent basis.


Specific predefined, measurable goals will keep your email marketing on track to produce return on investment (ROI) for your brand. Before you begin emailing anyone, define what these goals are.

Most brands send out a wide variety of marketing emails, such as newsletters, welcome emails, sales reminders, nurture campaigns and more. Each category will have different goals. Set benchmarks for each type of email you send out.

The goals you’ll track will vary, but a few types of metrics to track include:

  • Recipient behaviour: Open rates, click-through rate, click-to-open rate.
  • Email success: Deliverability, bounce rate.
  • Outcomes: Web traffic from email, form fills from email.

Your email consultant will help you define and track your goals.

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Measuring the Results of Your Email Marketing Efforts

Finally, your emails have gone out – it’s time to measure the results. Recall those goals you set at the beginning of the programme and compare them to the outcome. Use this information to determine how you’ll approach email next time.

Here are some of the ways you can use analytics to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns:

  • Set a clear conversion rate, and gauge how your targeted content performs in relation to the benchmark you’ve set.
  • Measure conversion against your initial spend to determine ROI. (For example, if you earned $5,000 from a $500 spend, you’ve achieved an ROI of .9, or 90%.) To calculate ROI, subtract the cost of your campaign from the gains you’ve made, and divide the resulting total by the cost. The formula is as follows: (Gains minus cost) / cost.
  • Determine the cost per acquisition (CPA) of your campaign. This affects how much you’re spending to acquire a new customer, and may be the ultimate indicator of the success of your efforts. CPA is calculated with the following formula: Total campaign cost / paying customers = CPA.

Your Brafton team will compile this data and present it to you, and will make actionable suggestions on how to move forward with your next email launch.

What to Expect from Brafton Email Marketing Consulting Services

We offer end-to-end email marketing consulting services, supporting every aspect of your strategy and working to deliver real results that benefit your brand. Our email marketing solutions help launch any type of campaign or strategy:

  • Targeted asset launches.
  • Drip email.
  • Lead generation.
  • Prospect nurturing.
  • Email newsletter campaigns.
  • Automated email messaging and synchronized sends.
  • Content-driven outreach.
  • Email analytics and actionable insights.

Your business deserves to work with a leading email marketing agency. Brafton’s team of dedicated professionals will design effective, targeted email campaigns that resonate with your desired audience. Finding a reliable email marketing partner will boost engagement and increase the ROI of your precise, actionable email content.