Social Media Consultancy

Your social media presence is a pivotal extension of your brand’s identity. While you know your brand inside and out, we know how, where and when to share your story to produce tangible results.

With help from our social media experts, your voice is loud and clear.

Social Media Consultancy, Explained

Social media is like a bullhorn, magnifying your message and spreading it to potential customers everywhere. That’s a good thing if your message is optimised for different platforms, personalised to your target audience and designed with brand consistency in mind — but make one false move and you’ll be trending for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t end up on the wrong side of the latest memes. Be the brand that always knows what to say and when to say it.

Social media consulting is about more than likes and follows. It’s about achieving goals. You can be popular on social media without necessarily improving your brand in any meaningful way. A good social media agency will work with you to achieve whatever objectives you may have. Do you want to improve sales? Your company’s reputation? Are you looking to get more people to recognise your brand? All of the above?

A social media consultant wants to know the goals driving your social media presence. They’ll use this information to tailor their social media strategy to suit your specific needs.

The Right Conversations

Our social media consultants work with you to find your true brand voice — one that communicates your values, resonates with your target audience and leaves even casual readers wanting more.

We drive engagement by talking with your audience, not at them. (Hint: It’s all about engagement.) Your assigned social media consultant joins your team, refining your online presence and contributing to relevant conversations.

We don’t add noise; we create dialogue. This kind of engagement can give you valuable information on:

  • How users perceive your business. Readers aren’t afraid to tell you what they think of your company on social media. Creating dialogue with people who interact with your brand can offer key customer insights, and you can adjust your business strategy accordingly.
  • How you perceive your audience. Dialogue can also offer you information on your target audience. The types of people who use and engage with your product may be different from what you think.
  • Customer service. Engaging customers directly helps you solve their problems 1:1. Others will notice that you’re willing to work with your customers directly, which can improve your brand’s reputation.

The Right Platforms

With extensive experience generating results on each platform, your social media consultant determines how to position your brand to achieve the greatest social reach.

We ensure your online voice is consistently on-brand while following the distinctive style and tone of each platform.

Each brand is unique; the mix of social platforms on which you connect with your audience should be carefully chosen based on their preferences and behaviour, industry trends and research. Our consultants can help you determine which social media channels will deliver the best results for your organisation.

Not all social media platforms are equal, and your brand might be better suited for one (or several) over the others.


May be the most popular social media network in the world, but they’re losing younger people and gaining more seniors. If your product’s target market is teens, you might do better on a different platform. On the other hand, if it appeals to the 55+ community, Facebook might be the way to go.


Is used for professional networking. It can be an effective platform to use if you’re trying to catch the eye of career-oriented individuals.


Is often used for news and company interactions. People commonly subscribe to brands and interact with them directly. If your brand can establish itself as a source of reliable information which is also willing to interact with its customers, you can position yourself for success on Twitter.


Is primarily used to share visual media. If your product is visually striking, you might find success on Instagram.


Has a strong base of female professionals with higher incomes. If that sounds like your target audience, Pinterest might be ideal.

Which social media platforms you use and how you can best use them vary depending on what your objectives are for promoting your brand.

The Right Content

To create brand awareness, you need to tell a consistent story. However, different parts of that story should be told at different times (and on different platforms), which means it’s critical to determine the best way to position each and every message. The key is to create a social media strategy that empowers you to know exactly what this “right content” is — from jokes and quips to heartwarming employee stories and user-generated visuals. With a little help from social media experts, you’ll be a storyteller in no time.

To make it happen, we’ll help you make sure you’re creating posts that balance copywriting, visual elements, links and more. We’ll also give you valuable insight into the culture and language of all the platforms you’ve chosen, helping you ensure that each part of your story finds the audience it deserves.

Our Clients Say it Best

Creating Your Social Media Strategy

Of course, social media marketing goes beyond posting content and adding follow icons to your website.

No matter how many social media platforms you choose, we manage each with a fine-tuned strategy tailored to the nature of the channel and how your audience uses it.

With user engagement efforts, follower pushes, influencer relations and measurable content, we form effective, comprehensive social media strategies for businesses.

We constantly monitor the results to adeptly move with the target. These proactive, timely adjustments ensure you — and your audience — won’t miss out on being heard. We also compile the results of your social media campaign into monthly reports, which we review with you to show your progress and make actionable recommendations.

Perhaps most importantly, our social media consulting service helps you create a strategy with key elements like these:

Omnichannel Experiences:

Although social media is a valuable tool, it’s not the only element in a complete digital marketing strategy. Our experts can help you align social media goals with landing page design, infographic creation, email marketing campaigns and more.


Search engine optimisation helps your social media content reach the right audience. We’ll help you choose the right body copy, hashtags and other elements to keep you at the top of your game (and maybe even the search engine results page).


Whether you’re informing or entertaining, your social media content needs to have clear and communicable value for viewers. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: What deserves a like, share or save?

Social media is constantly evolving. Our social media managers understand how to leverage developing trends in your industry and new features on social media platforms to keep your brand at the forefront of the conversation.

Social Media Posts

Expand your social strategy when it counts. Bring your social media campaigns to life with expertly written posts for any of the social media accounts we already manage for you.

Live Tweeting

Live-tweeting breaking news is the epitome of being relevant in your industry. Your dedicated social media expert will attend events virtually or in-person, live-tweeting every piece of relevant industry news for your audience to see.

Between your social strategists’ industry knowledge and close understanding of your company, you can rest assured that each live tweet will be suited to your customer base while you take in the event.Between your social strategists’ industry knowledge and close understanding of your company, you can rest assured that each live tweet will be suited to your customer base while you take in the event.

Follower Pushes

Influencer marketing is an effective way to expand your online presence on social media. Your dedicated social media manager will seek out who’s who in your market and connect you with micro and macro influencers to elevate your voice over the competition. Influencer outreach grows your audience base, increases brand awareness and funnels more conversions.

Social Engagement Videos

Adding video to your social media accounts can keep eyes on your content for longer. Our team of experts can create the concept, script and video, then share it on your platform of choice: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

Social Media Contest Creation and Management

Engaging content is the cornerstone of effective social media marketing  —  and what’s more engaging than a contest? Your dedicated social strategist will develop a custom contest for your social media accounts, and manage the entire thing.

The results: Bolstered lead generation and a clear look into audience preferences and behaviours.

Custom Reporting

Make sure you’re hitting each KPI you’ve set with a report specifically designed around your goals and social strategy. Your custom report goes beyond your monthly reporting call with your social media manager; it takes into account each nuanced bit of information that’s important to your organisation.

It can focus on entire strategies or specific campaigns, giving you deeper insight into your performance. We use tools like Google Analytics, Sprout Social and BuzzSumo to give you a holistic view of your social marketing strategy and offer insight into what’s working and why.

Social Media Ad Management

Paid social media is a powerful complement to your organic strategy. Our social media experts can give you actionable advice on the most effective spend levels and will create, manage and monitor your social advertising campaigns.

Social Listening

Your strategist identifies how people are talking about your brand, products and industry across social channels. We fill you in on all the latest news and trends so you align yourself appropriately with what’s already being said. Our social media experts can help in determining the best way to respond or add to the conversation.

We also uncover gaps in the conversation that your brand can fill. With this insight in mind, Brafton executes social media campaigns with substance and strategy that are authentic to your audience.

Keeping Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Relevant

Your brand exists within an active social community. With social media audits, website audits and competitor analyses, we gauge your brand’s position in that community. Our social media experts translate this information into the simple truth: Are you the talk of the town, or is your target audience getting bored of your messaging?

With this information in hand, we work with you to make sure you always have something new, eye-catching and buzz-worthy for current and potential customers alike. Better yet, your strategist monitors your profiles to keep your multi-channel presence fresh and engaging. That equals greater reach and continual relevance for your brand — and no accusations of ‘getting stale.’ 

But it’s not just audience expectations you need to keep up with. Social media platforms are living, breathing communities with their own languages, trends, rules and opportunities, which means they’re an ecosystem you need to pay attention to. If you get caught using yesterday’s slang, readers will feel like you’re trying to sell your story instead of genuinely share it.

Put simply, social media is flexible. Your strategy should be too.

We stay abreast of updates and trends so we can adapt your strategy to keep up with your audience’s expectations. Our social media team is proactive in testing new approaches and modifying content to keep your audience engaged. We also offer ideas and advice for getting ahead of the curve by starting your own trends. After all, social media is a living landscape — why not shape it yourself?

Don’t let rapid changes in social media leave you in the dust. When you work with Brafton, your strategy and goals evolve organically. The conversation never stops.

Brafton: Your Personal Social Media Consultant

Brafton social media consultants make your relevant, engaging and results-driven social media presence possible.

We consult with you to fully understand your goals and objectives and then develop a strategy to surpass them. That includes extensive research to develop the most effective keyword strategy, highlight the channels where your audience is most likely to be and develop persona-specific solutions.

At Brafton, we know what makes a good social media agency. In the world of digital marketing, a social media marketing consultant should use the right metrics to measure how well you’re achieving your objectives. We track, measure and report the metrics that shape your social strategy. If something works, you’ll see it. If something doesn’t, we fix it.

Brafton provides the solutions your brand needs to amplify its online presence. Reach out today to get started shaping the future of your brand through social media.

Your assigned strategist is the social media guru who helps your brand find its place in the social world. Before you know it, you’ll be leading the conversation.