eBook Writing Services

Brafton combines engaging content writing with eye-catching graphic design to create best-in-class eBooks.

Why Opt for eBook Writing Services?

There are multiple benefits to opting to make use of eBook writing solutions. First and foremost, an eBook allows your customers to gain detailed insight into your industry and company. With eBooks, you can give your readers comprehensive information about your particular area of expertise. 

Because eBooks are typically longer than blog posts and other kinds of content writing, you can also include more information than you would otherwise. Further, eBooks are considered a reliable source of information and therefore help enhance your reputation and credibility by establishing your brand’s expertise in your field, positioning you as an industry leader.

Secondly, original content in the form of eBooks is time and cost-effective to produce. Although writers are still incredibly thorough, eBooks can be written and published within a matter of weeks or months, unlike printed books which can take years to produce. Outsourcing your eBook writing process to writing professionals also helps to decrease the eBook’s production time and, in marketing, time is money. 

Because eBooks are distributed solely online, they also allow you to save expenses associated with printed materials. Additionally, eBooks provide both your brand and your readers with a high degree of convenience. Once your eBook has been completed and you’ve set up a landing page for it, the degree of maintenance is minimal. Another benefit is that they’re easy for your readers to download and share. 

Unlike many other marketing tactics, customers don’t view downloading eBooks as a hard sell because eBooks give them the space and time to process information during their purchase decision-making process. Because eBooks contain such valuable, expert information, consumers perceive them as being valuable resources. And, because of this perceived value, consumers consider giving their contact information in exchange for the eBook as a fair trade.

By sharing such information, eBooks can help generate high numbers of new leads. New leads allow you to assist in moving your customers through the sales funnel. 

How Our Custom eBook Writing Service Works

Our eBook content writing service consists of a host of steps to ensure that only the highest quality eBook content is produced. The process begins with your content marketing strategist, project manager and creative team focusing on the editorial component of the asset. During this step, our team works together to determine the eBook’s goals and how best to achieve them. Brafton’s eBook services teams keep these goals in mind throughout the eBook production process.

Once these goals have been established, our eBook writers begin the ideation step. After ideation has been completed, writers begin producing the copy which goes through multiple rounds of edits, revisions and approvals. From ideation to outline to final copy, Brafton’s eBook writing service zeroes in on maximising the text’s impact while achieving specific commercial objectives. A dedicated project manager works with you every step of the way to expedite turnaround time and ensure the asset aligns with your content strategy.

Brafton provides a custom eBook writing service to clients across all industries and verticals, including business, marketing, finance, manufacturing, law, technology, travel, education, health care, entertainment and more. From business-to-business to business-to-consumer brands, eBooks are ideal middle-of-sales-funnel content marketing assets, helping to generate leads, establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness and engage prospective customers.

eBook Topic Ideation

Content marketing strategists and project managers can work with our in-house team of professional writers to develop appropriate topics or use topics you already have in mind. Either way, each Brafton stakeholder will contribute their expertise to the ideation process.

Content marketing strategists conduct research to determine which topics will resonate most with your target audience. They also account for the eBook assets competitors in your industry are producing. Project managers ensure the topic is tailored to your specific branding guidelines, working with your industry-focused writer to develop an outline. Undertaking research and reaching out for subject matter expert input on the client side, your writer will create a detailed outline of your eBook that includes possible titles and a page-by-page breakdown of the asset. Together, the team will consider how the scope and storytelling of the eBook support your business goals and fit within your current content marketing strategy.

All feedback and requested changes will be implemented into the outline before your team moves on to the next step. Once an outline is approved, your content team will continue production and begin the writing process.

eBook Content Writing

To ensure we produce only the best creative writing content, your professional eBook writer will make certain that their research is top-notch with a heavy focus on content accuracy and relevance to your chosen topic or topics. After the research phase has been concluded, your writer will create a comprehensive outline which is revised before they begin writing. 

Once the first round of writing has been completed, it is sent to our team of strategists and editors as well as the client for feedback. The writer then makes the appropriate edits and revisions as necessary. The review process adds infinite value to our writing service.

eBook Writing Best Practices

Your eBook writer will make certain that they follow the most current eBook writing best practices. Throughout the process, our production team ensures they’re sticking to your brand’s style guide, from tone and voice to the final design and graphics. 

Our standard eBooks come in a range of lengths tailored to your unique strategy, meaning that they can be anywhere from 4 pages to 12 and beyond — whatever you need to connect with your target audience, we can create. Additionally, each page is packed with valuable information and insights alongside beautifully designed graphics, all in about 125 words per page.

Writers make sure to include all the necessary elements of a successful and engaging eBook including:


A table of Contents

Chapter title pages

Relevant quotes
& statistics.

Product or service call-outs.

A final call to action.

As part of our eBook writing service, our writers can also produce website content writing for your eBook’s landing page. Landing page copy is written with SEO best practices in mind to direct organic traffic to your website and eBook effectively.

eBook Design and Formatting

After your eBook text is written and approved, the asset will move into the design and formatting stage, the last step before the final product is presented. However, your content writer remains an integral part of the eBook production process at this stage.

Designers begin by working with writers to ensure text can be properly transformed into eye-catching visuals, asking any lingering questions regarding the topic or text. Your dedicated graphic designer will then bring to life the ideas created during the initial stages of the eBook when they studied the approved outline and any client-provided branding guidelines to determine everything from fonts and colour schemes to specific illustrations and themes.

Whether you have specific imagery in mind or not, designers are on hand to turn ideas into reality. If you’re unsure where to begin, Brafton graphic designers are happy to use existing collateral as a jumping-off point to ensure your new eBook asset is in line with your current branding. This includes client websites, as designers can incorporate existing icons, illustrations and visual collateral into the eBook, including specific HTML colour codes.

After style, theme and branding elements are taken into account, the layout process begins, which includes the bulk of the eBook, as well as cover pages and tables of contents. Font styles, colours, illustrations, photos and interactive design additions, such as navigation buttons, are implemented.

Once the layout is complete, a designed draft of the eBook is submitted for client approval. Any feedback is incorporated into the asset to create the final product. From there, your content marketing strategist can offer expertise in conversion rate optimisation and promotional strategy to fully leverage your completed eBook.

Our writers can create web copy for dedicated eBook landing pages. Designers and strategists can also develop custom call-to-action buttons for gated eBooks to be used for lead generation. Social strategists, meanwhile, can distribute and promote your asset on the appropriate channels. This highly coordinated execution maximises the value of your eBook as part of a bigger inbound marketing strategy.