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Storytellers With an Eye on the Bottom Line

Before people buy your products and services, they need to buy your story. Great web content sells your expertise, your brand, your trustworthiness and your values to leads.

Not everyone is a born wordsmith, and that’s where we come in. Our professional content writers eat, sleep and breathe content creation. Whether they’re writing social media copy or web content, your content writer will ensure that your original content is top-notch and, most importantly, engaging. After all, who wants to read or watch boring stuff?

When you use a professional content writing service, you’re guaranteed 5 primary benefits:

  • Strengthened brand identity and unique brand “voice” that helps your business stand out.
  • An engaged and intrigued audience that looks forward to learning about your brand offering.
  • Saved time that you otherwise would’ve spent wracking your brain searching for just the right word.
  • Higher rankings on search engine results pages (who doesn’t love that?)
  • Increased conversion rates, which is ultimately the end goal of marketing.

From blog posts to video scripts, infographics, white papers, SEO writing, website copy, and more, great written content underpins everything we do at Brafton – and we’d love to show you the value that professional copywriting can bring to your content marketing.

Seo Content

There’s a lot of talk about SEO and for good reason. Paid marketing is important, obviously, but the importance of SEO can’t be overstated. 

In short, SEO (also known by its longer name, search engine optimisation) uses keywords artfully inserted throughout your written content to help it rank higher on search engine results pages when potential customers search for topics related to your content.

The keyword here is “keywords”: very rarely are users typing entire full-length sentences into the Google search bar. Our content writing team conducts thorough keyword research to ensure only the most applicable keywords are used.

The hallmark of good SEO writing is expertly weaving relevant keywords into your content that work effectively and, crucially, read organically. With our SEO content writing service, you’re guaranteed to receive SEO content that answers users’ questions, engages audiences and gets your content high up on the coveted first results page.

Blog Posts

Most B2B and B2C content marketers agree: Blog articles are the most effective type of web content for building brand awareness.

Whether short-form blog posts, news articles or in-depth thought leadership content, blogs work. But when a new blog post is published to the internet every 0.5 seconds, “good enough” won’t make the cut.

The difference between good and great often lies in how well the content is search-optimised. Brafton’s writers create SEO content that’s designed to rank well in search. Beyond being exceptional writers, our content team is armed with data from Google Analytics, SEMrush and other platforms to shape effective articles that are on-brand, on-point and, eventually, on Page 1.

Website copy

Landing page copy lives front and centre on your site – so you have every reason to make sure it’s in the best possible shape. Every visitor who comes to your home page, about page, and product and services pages will interact with the copy, so your website content has to be clean, concise and optimised to rank for high-value keywords. No pressure.

Writing online content, whether that be landing page copy or other website content writing, is half science, half art. The science part entails developing Search Performance Briefs that take the guesswork out of ranking for competitive, commercial-intent keywords. The art is in taking the insights from those briefs and working in secondary keywords and main topics to discuss. The result is scannable website copy that truly represents your brand’s value.

It’s a tall order. Many businesses struggle with landing page optimisation – but not our professional content writers. With help from our consulting team, your dedicated SEO content writer can develop search-optimised copy, whether you’re filling out a new website or diving into a total website redesign. Working with our web content writing service means you can rest assured your site will have all the right information, organised in the best way possible, and no excess fluff that’ll hold your site back from ranking well.

White papers

If the goal of blog posts is to spur engagement with readers, white papers are the perfect content form to deepen that engagement. In fact, more than 50% of all content marketers leverage white papers for lead generation, using them particularly for inbound marketing.

When someone provides an email address in exchange for a white paper, they’re demonstrating intent and interest – but the exchange of contact information for insight must be fair. Don’t let them down: Make sure you’re providing quality content in return for their information.

White papers need to be not only thoroughly researched but also expertly crafted. This is your chance to showcase all the elements of your brand identity, services or products, business goals and values in greater depth and with more creative space than a blog. Brafton writers have the research acumen, data-gathering skills, industry-specific expertise and business writing experience necessary to create unique content for telling your brand’s story.


Another content asset that can be gated for lead-gen purposes, or distributed freely, is an eBook. Our eBooks cover advanced subject matter in a creative and engaging content format.

Every eBook page we write and design has the ideal mix of text and formatting to get a point across without overwhelming the reader. This makes it possible to incorporate unique elements that complement the written content, but it also means every word really has to count. Not a phrase out of place.

Our writers work directly with your marketing team to ideate eBook topics, develop an outline and write the copy with word economy and visual cues in mind. The result is a visually stunning, mid- to deep-funnel asset that provides guidance, instruction and thought leadership to prospects.


Even the best blog or white paper sometimes isn’t enough to grab the attention of the online reader or social media user – but that’s exactly what an infographic is for.

An infographic is a design-heavy piece that visualises key data points or concepts and is great for sharing on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. While the graphics play a big role, the info cannot be forgotten. These assets need to be written in a way that summarises key information in succinct bullet points that contain quick-hitting facts or numbers, but also complements the illustrations.

Part of professional content writing is knowing when to show restraint, and concision is an ideal our content teams can appreciate and execute on when it comes to infographic copy.

case studies

The case study is a cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. At its essence, a case study is a word-of-mouth recommendation, the most powerful form of marketing: 88% of marketers say case studies are their most effective marketing asset.

A case study is your way of turning satisfied customers into brand advocates. Their stories may then help convert leads who become satisfied customers and eventual brand advocates, quite the virtuous cycle.

Leads expect brands to brag, but when they hear customers singing your praises, it really resonates.

Brafton’s writers know how to tell a story that puts your customer at the centre, explaining their challenge, your company’s solution and the positive outcomes. They’re skilled interviewers who can tease out the quote-worthy content that online readers crave. This makes for impactful and persuasive storytelling, deftly weaving the competitive advantages and value propositions of your products and services into an engaging narrative.

email copy & newsletters

Email marketing is one of your most important mediums, but you must have a strong, comprehensive email marketing strategy for it to work. It should incorporate blog posts, conversion landing pages and gated content designed to build your email list and drive ROI.

Email marketing also requires click-worthy subject lines and punchy writing that gets subscribers opening your messages and clicking on your calls to action. Our writers understand that less is more in email. They can write newsletters to promote your blog posts or one-off lead-nurture emails that plug your latest eBook or white paper. Concise, conversational and memorable language engages recipients.

We can even help you create end-to-end email drip campaigns with the insight of a strategist. If it’s email content creation, we do it.


What separates content and copy? It’s a very thin line, but one that our content teams are able to walk flawlessly. The distinction between copywriting and content writing is subtle but important. The primary differences between the two types of writing lie within the length and purpose of the writing, as well as the strategy driving the writing.

Direct marketing and advertising require different strategy and execution than content marketing does. For those, you need text that informs, entertains and inspires in just a tagline. Our content writing services cover everything in those categories from creating embedded CTAs to copy for text ads, display ads, banner ads, paid search listings, social media posts, conversion prompts, asset landing pages and brochures.

There’s a time and a place for direct, action-oriented language – and our writers have a knack for using language that can motivate and galvanise leads into taking the next step.

video & animation scripts

Video content accounts for nearly 80% of all internet traffic. For marketers, a well-made video can work wonders: 97% of businesses say video helps people understand their offerings. Short, engaging clips that are easy to digest and contain a lot of information provide an intuitive way to become more familiar with a product or service.

But before the lights, the camera and the action, there’s a script. This includes scripts for animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos, video testimonials and video blogs. And drafting copy that lends itself well to voiceover or a reading by a live presenter is a special skill – one that our content writers possess.

A well-executed video script can set the tone for an entire video project. It can also provide guidance to video editors and animators in post production as they bring the written word to life.

custom content

In nearly any marketing strategy, the need arises for custom content that doesn’t clearly fall in the purview of traditional article writing services. But if it’s content, and it needs writing, our writers can and will do it.

Our clients have asked us for guest posts that appear in industry magazines, webinars, slide decks presented to large audiences, one-pagers, flyers, executive bios, product descriptions, corporate training materials, LinkedIn summaries, speeches and more – and we have delivered.

The secret is our close collaboration with your internal teams. Such projects require tight coordination, and you’ll get that across your dedicated team of writer, strategist, project manager and other stakeholders.

Ad Copywriting

Advertising has a place in content marketing, whether you need traditional or online ads. Digital advertising on search engines and social media platforms require copy that is succinct and sharp.

When investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, your copy should also be search-oriented. Our editorial team knows the ins and outs of SEO copywriting to ensure your ads perform well on the ad platform of your choice, whether Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or something else.

Social Media Content

Every brand can benefit from a strong social strategy, whether B2B or B2C. 86% of marketers say social media has created more exposure for their brands. Social media strategies can be designed for demand generation, influencer outreach, brand awareness or product promotion.

Our social media strategists understand how to create social media posts that will spark engagement, drive website traffic and grow your followership. They know the nuances of various platforms, and will devise strategies based on your brand, products or services, industry, and marketing goals.

Finding the Right Fit for your Content Writing Requirements

Your business’s marketing needs and goals are unique and you need an agency that understands that. At Brafton, we know the importance of recognising how the content writing you require fits into your marketing strategy’s bigger picture.

With us, you can expect superior quality content that’s beyond reproach. Further, our content writing teams will work closely with you to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding what you want to get out of your content. We’ll also spend however much time is needed to get to know your audience and target market.

Our content writers pay particular attention to your brand’s identity and style guide so that new content we create for you blends seamlessly into your existing content. Your content writing team will advise you when need be and answer any and all questions you might have.

We value our clients’ feedback and make sure to take every comment and suggestion into consideration throughout the content writing process.

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