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Video Marketing Statistics Show Real ROI

Video content is as easy to watch as it is to share on social media or embed in a landing page or blog post. It can be consumed across platforms – on desktop or on mobile devices, on Android and iOS, at work or at home. It can convey complex information in a visually compelling and highly entertaining format.

This versatility is just partly why 96% of marketers view corporate video as an important part of their marketing strategies.

  • 95% of marketers say video marketing has helped them increase brand awareness.
  • 91% of marketers believe video marketing has helped them increase traffic.
  • 90% of marketers report that video marketing has helped them generate leads.
  • 96% of video marketers say video marketing has increased user understanding of their product or service.
  • 87% of marketers state that video marketing has increased dwell time on their website.
  • 92% of video marketers found that video achieves a good return on their investment.

The ROI speaks for itself:

At Brafton, we use video at every stage of the sales funnel because it’s the most efficient, effective way to convey messages, illustrate complex ideas, persuade stakeholders and bring your brand to life.

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Video Production Service Options at Brafton


Our motion graphics designers synthesise complex ideas and animate them in 2D and 3D formats.

Through animation, you can explain dense, technical software and elaborate product specs with ease.

On-Location Shoots

Corporate videos shot on location personalise your message and add a human touch to your brand and its offerings. We partner your brand with expert videographers, producers, camera operators and creative directors to bring high-quality promotional video production straight to you.

By sourcing on-screen talent, scouting optimal filming sites and shooting live-action interviews, testimonials, demos, promos and much more, we “have video, will travel.”

Studio Productions

With a full-service, on-site video studio in our Boston headquarters and top industry visionaries behind the camera, we produce videos that make an impact.

We deliver brand experiences by filming product demos, news updates, interviews and more, all under one roof. All the resources and expertise your video marketing strategy requires live right here in our studio. Our studio contains the latest professional video production tools and technology needed to create high-quality video ads with TV production values.

It’s never been easier to create a product video that converts.

Explainer Videos

Promote your brand, describe your product and inform your prospects with digestible, step-by-step explainer videos.

An explainer video can be animated, live-action, 2D, 3D or hybrid, which can help nurture leads and close deals faster than other branded content types.

Video Testimonials

Sometimes, your customers’ stories are the ones most worth telling.

Leverage our video production team to create corporate video testimonials and case studies that demonstrate real-world success stories.

Event Coverage

Maximise the value of live events by filming the big moments your audience wants to see. Our event video production and video conferencing services put your viewers right in the middle of all the action. Video streaming capabilities let you report on event coverage in real time. We even offer drone filming services to capture outdoor events from breathtaking views.

Trade shows, private events and industry conferences are great for physically interacting with attendees, but the business opportunities don’t end there: Repurpose footage from live events for social media and post-event follow-ups. Brafton event video services provide everything you need to create engaging event coverage that raises brand awareness and drives traffic to your site.

Whiteboard Video Production

Present information, educate audiences and illustrate creativity with whiteboard videos.

Our in-house producers and animators combine the best components of live-action talent, narration, custom character illustrations and visual storytelling to communicate your message.

Video Editing

Your script, B-roll and footage don’t make a story until it’s been woven together into a final cut.

Whether you’re halfway through the editing process, or you haven’t even started, our post-production services can put the finishing touches on your original content and help you tell a story your subscribers will remember.

Brafton corporate video production experts can add audio elements to bring your vision to life or use video encoding software to upload the finished product to the video platform of your choice.

Video as a Strategy

Corporate video marketing is imperative in a search engine-driven world. Videos that engage viewers, keep them on the page and solicit social sharing rank higher. And each video you produce increases the number of indexable webpages in search engines, which enables a stronger search presence and puts a visual, compelling face to your content.

With the right video strategy, these assets can improve your:

Organic Ranking

Videos embedded in your content will help it outrank competitors’ pages.

Brand Trust

Your brand can build trust and loyalty with the human touch of video.

Mobile Optimisation

Videos optimised for mobile make your content functional across devices.

Customer Loyalty

Explainer videos and tutorials help existing customers and clients maximise the value of your products and services.

Social Engagement

Followers and subscribers are more likely to share powerful videos.


Video content is a way for your brand to reach prospects, qualify leads and convert buyers.

Brand Awareness

Media-rich content gets you seen and heard.

Our digital marketing experts can assist in formulating a video distribution and promotion strategy that works to achieve all of these goals.

Tell Your Story

Marketing is more than data and dollar signs. It’s a podium for communicating who you are, what your company values and how you conduct business. Every brand story is unique. Your narrative is a differentiator, and our animators, producers, videographers and editors tell the story of your products, services, customers and corporate identity.

Our video production services capture the personality, emotion and value behind your brand, and transfer it to the screen. These characteristics – represented visually – prompt buyers to flock to you, vendors to partner with you and customers to stick with you.

Video marketing is an immersive, interactive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

What mark will you leave on viewers?

In the United States?

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In Germany?

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