Persona Development Services

Example Buyer Persona

John Davidson, VP, Professional Services – Advisor Technology Solutions

Age: 35+

Salary: £90K +

Experience: 10+ years in IT experience, experience in advisory industry a plus.

What pain points would a strong campaign address for this decision-maker?


35%: Needs a partner that is reliable and available, an extension of his team and one that reflects well on his organisation.

35%: Looking for a partner that will be able to integrate seamlessly with his team. On-the-ground synergy is important.

30%: Looking for a partner that will faciliate excellent client-side service toward his organisation’s commercial goals and can make the on-the-ground team’s client-size interfaces as smooth and efficient as possible.

Consulting that Converts

By creating buyer personas, you can target your audience with personalised content, which doubles email open rates and increases sales leads .

On average, buyer persona-driven marketing campaigns are more cost-effective and resource-efficient; they reduce lead conversion time and allow you to focus only on interested leads – the ones who count.

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