Copywriting Services

While the content marketing industry has flourished, copywriting remains at the foundation of direct marketing and business strategy. It also remains at the foundation of Brafton’s professional copywriting services.

What’s the difference between content and marketing copywriting? While the goals are often the same — to inform, inspire and raise awareness — in copywriting, you need to make your case in as few words as possible.

Our experienced content teams understand that delicate balance, which is why we excel at nailing tone, style and subject. Brafton ensures you can count on copywriting services that will speak to your target audience, drive commercial results and adhere to your deadlines.

What’s Included With Brafton’s Copywriting Services?

If it involves writing SEO copy, we’re the agency to handle all your needs. Brafton’s website copywriting services run the gamut: from top-of-sales-funnel content that builds brand awareness to bottom-of-funnel collateral that generates leads and drives conversions. 

Beyond our SEO copywriting services, we also offer blog posts, email newsletters, social media copy, one-pagers, sales letters, landing page copy, white papers and eBooks. Whatever you need, our writers have you covered.

And if you need great content writing for something entirely different, such as slide decks or a speech, we’ll work closely with you to scope out the custom project and deliverables.

Our professional copywriters take the time and care to understand your brand voice and identity, as well as business goals. They translate all that insight into written copy that can resonate with your target audiences or provide thought leadership in niche verticals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Business Copywriting Services

You need great copy that demonstrates industry expertise and builds an engaging website that ranks well in search. We can deliver.

In addition to their writing chops, Brafton writers have experience in search engine optimisation and digital marketing best practices. Plus, our diverse client list means we’ve worked with businesses of all industries, including finance, law, manufacturing, health care, education, technology, entertainment, travel and more. The sum result is a copywriter team well-versed in the intricacies of specific industries who also have the skills to write competently and persuasively on your subject matter. All so your high-quality content attracts the ideal client.

So whether your project calls for news-based articles on trending topics, web copy, SEO copywriting, blog posts, informative evergreen pieces, well-researched thought leadership commentaries, product press releases or something else entirely, rest assured your website content needs will be handled quickly and expertly. Brafton copywriters also regularly conduct interviews with client stakeholders, internal subject matter experts and customers to learn more about your specific industry, business, product, service and value proposition.

Newsletter Writing Services

A cornerstone of a successful email marketing strategy, newsletters are an ideal way for staying top of mind among your target audience while gently guiding prospects down the sales funnel. Newsletters allow you to keep current and prospective customers informed about your brand and engaged with your product and service offerings.

Our newsletter writing process begins with identifying your target audience through subscriber demographics. Once personas have been developed, your copywriter will craft a newsletter – either wholly original or incorporating existing content marketing assets – to appeal to this intended audience with a focus on encouraging higher open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

Additionally, your content marketing strategist, project manager and graphic designer will coordinate with your editorial team to ensure every newsletter is tailored to resonate with your target audience and drive web traffic toward your desired destinations. All email campaigns are comprehensively tested, measured and refined to make sure commercial objectives are being achieved on your website.

White Paper Writing Services

White papers are essential to establishing your brand as a trustworthy thought leader in your industry. These high-quality content assets build credibility among online audiences by demonstrating expertise, all while providing an excellent opportunity for lead generation through downloads from potential customers.

Your Brafton content creation team will work with you to determine the topics that resonate most with your target audience, collaborating with your own internal subject matter experts to develop a valuable, relevant content marketing asset that will wow your audience and support established commercial goals.

In addition to incorporating your own marketplace expertise, your industry-focused content writer will conduct thorough research into the chosen topic, utilising existing data and analysis from authoritative sources. Once the final copy has been transformed into a formatted asset by your graphic designer, implementing brand colours, logos, fonts and design elements, the white paper can then be gated to website visitors through a dedicated landing page and advertised through the use of custom calls to action.

And if you need it, we can also write optimised website copy for a landing page that will house the white paper. It’s all part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure that assets not only resonate with audiences but also rank in search.

eBook Writing Services

If you want to diversify your resource library or repurpose old content, an eBook is a high-performing asset to consider. Combining the best of copywriting and graphic design, eBooks can work as gated assets or free-to-access content in social media posts. In any use case, the mix of visual and copy elements better engages readers and helps them retain information.

Your Brafton copywriter, along with your graphic designer, will work to minimise text in favour of visual storytelling while still ensuring the editorial component of your eBook is clear, insightful and persuasive.

Each sentence is written to remain concise while maximising impact for your target audience, with visual themes interwoven into the language to support custom illustrations and other graphic elements. The balance between useful information and the easily digestible format makes eBooks premier middle-of-funnel content marketing materials.

Social Media Writing Services

A great social media presence is the hallmark of the modern, digitally savvy brand. Social media is about more than just sharing the copy you’ve created with the world — it’s also how you build a following, promote brand awareness and have conversations with current and potential customers.

Your Brafton social media consultant will work with you to determine which social media channels will maximise the chances of connecting with the right audience, whether that’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube. They will also help you determine which marketing material deserves to be blasted out to your social media followers, and then craft concise, compelling content that is consistent with your brand, style and tone of voice.

Have 2 awesome pieces of copy but not sure which one will get the most engagement? Or maybe you’re stuck between two messages for a blog post? Don’t sweat! Our social media consultants use A/B testing to isolate and test different words, phrases, images, content and basically any other variables you can think of.