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PPC advertisements, including Google ads, can generate 50% more conversions than organic content if they’re part of a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy.

Our PPC management services help ensure that you get the most out of your advertising budget.

How PPC Management Pricing Works

How much you pay for PPC management depends on many factors. You first have to decide which platform you’re going to advertise on. Will you focus on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising or somewhere else? A Brafton PPC manager can help you decide on both platform and strategy, considering your budget.

For over 15 years, we’ve been perfecting our digital marketing strategies, and it’s paid off for our clients. Here’s a look at where our skills lie:

Google Ads

Microsoft Ads





Google Analytics

Rolling Paid Search Management Pricing

In addition to or in lieu of monthly management service, our dedicated PPC strategists can manage your monthly PPC marketing budget. This guarantees effective PPC management costs for our clients. Our Consulting Team can provide additional support and expertise and reallocate ad spend across networks as needed to maximise results. Our PPC service enhances and diversifies your paid ad spend across the following campaign types:

  • Paid search ads.
  • Display ads.
  • Retargeting ads.
  • Syndication (Taboola, Outbrain, and Third-Party Networks).
  • Google Shopping Campaigns.
  • And more.

Through such an approach, we ensure that your PPC pricing is efficient and your budget is utilised to deliver the maximum digital marketing impact.

What To Expect From Your PPC Package as a New Customer

When it comes to PPC advertising, don’t settle for anything less than the best. By partnering with PPC service experts, you can feel confident that your ad campaigns are effective, efficient and tailored to your industry.

As a PPC agency, our specialists are constantly on top of the latest paid search trends and tactics, then applying any new discoveries to your campaigns. The result? An ever-evolving PPC strategy that connects with your target audience and boosts your ROI.

The benefits of having Brafton as your PPC management agency partner include:

First-rate, high-yielding PPC campaigns managed by experts in the field.

Allocating your ad spend on tactics that produce productive results and conversions, ensuring productive PPC cost management.

Peace of mind knowing your ad campaigns are being consistently taken care of, with a predictable PPC management fee.

More time for your team to focus on other objectives, because our PPC experts have your campaigns under control.

What can you expect from your PPC package? At Brafton, every client undergoes a formal onboarding process, regardless of which of our digital marketing services they sign up for. We work with your marketing team to become familiar with core business goals and fully comprehend your current marketing strategy.

From there, we look at baseline metrics through Google Analytics, Search Console and other web analytics platforms to determine if and how PPC management can help you achieve your marketing objectives. Our PPC strategists work one-on-one with your business to understand your target market and find out the most effective ways to reach them, empowering us to generate PPC campaigns that convert while maximising your monthly ad spend.

Finally, we assign a PPC specialist to your account to help you with every stage of your digital ad campaign.

A PPC Advertising Campaign, Explained

PPC vs. organic marketing: Which is better? Well, as always, the answer is a healthy balance of both can yield the most profitable results.

Organic search uses keywords, high-quality content and back-end web development enhancements to improve search engine rank and website visibility. Pay-per-click advertising is exactly what it sounds like: Each time someone clicks on one of your ads, you pay a small fee to the platform that published the ad. Essentially, a PPC campaign revolves around creating targeted ad campaigns and then allocating a budget to get those ads seen by target consumers.

While they involve 2 different marketing strategies, PPC and SEO services (including local SEO, blog SEO, video SEO and more) can work together to build your digital authority, enhance your brand awareness and maximise your website traffic.

Across the industry, the average click-through rate for paid ads is 0.34% for display ads such as banners and approximately 2% for search. While this may not seem high compared to organic CTR, conversion rates for paid ads can be anywhere from 50% to 150% higher on average than organic content.

The secret to managing a highly effective PPC campaign that will yield a relatively high CTR, a strong conversion rate and, ultimately, ROI is using paid ads as one facet of a cohesive marketing strategy. Each PPC campaign should somehow serve a specific function and have clearly established success metrics.

So, where does white-label come into play? White-label PPC is just a fancy way of saying third-party PPC management. Brafton will manage your digital advertising budget and help allocate spending to the most effective networks. This PPC optimisation will ensure that your digital ad campaigns target the right audience on the right networks.

Why You Can Trust Brafton With Your PPC Goals

PPC ads are part science and part art. The science is in the math, the formulas and the finances. But, the art is in creating an enticing ad copy and design that can bring swaths of people to your landing page, eager to engage with your brand.

At Brafton, we understand the balance. We bring new ideas on how to express your brand to the table. These ideas can be used for your PPC advertising to catch eyes and maximise inbound traffic. We’re experts at keyword research, so we know precisely which keywords to aim for. We can even reduce the cost-per-click by upping your quality score, meaning your content will rank high without necessarily needing a high maximum bid.

Google Ads

Google and Google-owned YouTube occupy an estimated 23.1% of all PPC ad spend, digital and traditional. The search engine giant sells PPC ads on a display network and on its search engine network, which reaches 90% of all internet users. It also boasts some of the highest CTRs of all ad networks. Your Brafton experts help manage Google search and display ads in all of the following ways:

  • Target audience identification.
  • Retargeting management.
  • Keyword selection.
  • Meta description optimisation.
  • Ad landing page optimisation.
  • A/B testing.
  • Banner ad design.
  • Campaign performance monitoring.
  • Google shopping campaign management.
  • Gmail ads.
  • Local Services by Google.

Social Media Ads

Brafton offers social media ad management on a similar basis as our PPC agency pricing model, with standardised packages as well as custom quotes available. As part of our services, a social media consultant will work across social networks to home in on target audiences and maximise the performance of your campaigns. We also provide reporting and one custom image per ad. The social media ad networks we support include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Twitter Ads.
  • LinkedIn Ads.
  • Instagram Ads.
  • YouTube Ads.
  • Pinterest Ads.
  • Snapchat Ads.

Retargeting Ads

PPC ads are most effective when they target leads that have already expressed interest in the types of products and services you sell. Retargeting networks use cookies and third-party data to match your ad content up with web users based on their browsing behaviours.

Our PPC management cost includes managing and optimising ad spend across retargeting networks to help you get your ad content in front of potential customers. We use platforms such as AdRoll to support your remarketing efforts and drive up conversion rates.

Syndication Networks

Paid syndication extends your content across third-party sites, helping to get your brand’s message in front of a larger audience of web users. Our PPC consultants leverage networks such as Taboola and Outbrain to get your content listed on other websites so that you can tap into their existing audiences.

Video Ads

Brafton’s full-service video team can script, produce, shoot and edit video ads that demonstrate the value of your products and services. Our PPC managers can then help you distribute the ad across relevant channels to maximise exposure.

À la Carte PPC Management Services

Just because it isn’t referenced on this page doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Our comprehensive portfolio of digital marketing services and flexible pricing models makes it easy for us to deliver à la carte services that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Custom PPC reporting.
  • Meta description optimisation.
  • Ad landing page optimisation.
  • Ad design.
  • Text ad copywriting.
  • Call-to-action marketing.
  • Amazon ad campaigns.
  • Bing Ad campaigns.

Feeling inspired? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our digital marketing team to discuss your next PPC project.

Better PPC Management Starts Here

The best PPC management services for your brand are the PPC services that boost CTR and drive up conversions.

Our experts at Brafton make sure that every PPC campaign we launch is delivered to the right audience through the right network. We also analyse the content at the other end of every ad we help create and/or distribute to help ensure that you get the lowest possible CPC with the highest possible ROI.

In the age of non-interruptive marketing, paid advertising still has its place in most content marketing strategies. We’ll help you find it, so get in touch with us today.