Web Analytics Agency

What is a Web Analytics Agency?

A web analytics agency helps your brand achieve its digital marketing goals by pulling data and metrics from your website, and analysing them based on each key performance indicator (KPI) selected by your business.

Your web analytics consultant will work closely with your marketing team to determine your web analytics strategy. This will be based on your business’s unique goals and target audience. A skilled web analytics team works across multiple tools and platforms, providing flexibility and versatility throughout the process.

Once your goals are established, the analytics experts work their magic to pull metrics on a variety of different KPIs. The ideal web analytics agency doesn’t stop there, though. At Brafton, we continue to work with your business so you understand not only the specifics of the data, but also what it represents and why important trends exist. We’ll also help you develop a marketing strategy to make improvements to your website and content and achieve your goals.

Why Partner With a Web Analytics Agency?

It isn’t hard to pull metrics from an analytics platform. But website analysis isn’t just about numbers alone—it’s about the how and the why of those numbers, and determining what needs to be done to improve them.

Additionally, while website analytics tools have easy functions for receiving the most basic data, you need a trained professional to achieve more complex metrics that will give you your most important insights.

Attempting to conduct website analysis on your own is risky. Without proper training, you could interpret data incorrectly, or take something at face value that needs to be explored more deeply. Mistakes like these can lead you in the wrong direction when determining your marketing strategy, and you might do your business more harm than good.

That’s why partnering with a web analytics agency is essential. Not only will your analytics expert guide you in the right direction, but you will also have peace of mind knowing you are making the right decisions for your company.

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What You Get When You Partner With Brafton for Web Analytics

Brafton is a leading web analytics agency for a reason. Our web analysts are highly trained,
and our services include deep dives into your website and content.

You can feel confident in your choice to partner with us. Here’s why:

All of our analysts have to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) within their first year at Brafton.

We conduct internal training consistently, and we observe external training for well-rounded perspectives.

We keep track of the latest search engine algorithm updates, so we’re always aware of the latest best practises.

We conduct real-time website testing to see why it’s experiencing low bounce rates, low conversion rates, high exit rates or other unusual activity.

Additionally, Brafton web analysts have expertise in:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Google Tag Manager.
  • SEMRush.
  • Moz.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Brightedge.
  • Adobe Analytics.
  • Hubspot Analytics.

Web Analytics Services Brafton Offers

At Brafton, we don’t just pull data from the analytics platform and send you on your merry
way. Our services are meant to empower you to make strategic marketing decisions.

Our web analytics services include:

Conducting baseline website analytics, including bounce rate, conversion rate, exit rate, user behaviour and other important metrics.

Looking at multi-channel funnels to achieve actionable insight into where conversions come from and what touch points users experience along the way.

Assessing your website’s user experience, including speed, readability and other analytics to gain valuable insight into user behaviour.

Campaign tracking throughout new marketing efforts so as to collect real time and relevant data.

Converting metrics into a reporting dashboard to organise data and prioritise each valuable insight.

Get Help Driving Meaningful Results From Your Web Analytics

There’s not much point in conducting web analytics if it doesn’t result in actionable insights you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. That’s why Brafton’s analysts stick with you throughout the whole process, making sure you understand the data and what you can do to improve your metrics.

As a leading content marketing agency, we can use the data we uncover to develop a marketing plan that is sure to improve your conversion rates. You want a web analytics agency that does it all, and Brafton is an industry leader for that exact reason.