Lead Magnets

Lead magnets use gated content to drive website traffic and convert visitors into leads.

Incentivise readers, impress prospects and prove your value with lead magnet content from Brafton.

Elements of the Perfect Lead Magnet

There are endless possibilities for what your lead generation content can be. However, there are some elements that every great lead magnet has in common:

Landing Page

You will “house” your content on a dedicated landing page on your website. This is where your website visitors will be able to obtain the asset. The landing page should be visually appealing, relate directly to the content and explain what it is, and it should be optimised for search.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is especially important for lead generation landing pages because organic traffic may be the most common path your audience will take to find the asset. However, you will also likely promote your content on social media and through email marketing as well.


The success of your lead magnet strategy depends on the quality of the content or asset you’re promoting. Choose something that your target audience is guaranteed to want to read, watch, try or buy. Lean on your buyer personas and knowledge of your sales funnel to determine the type of content you should create.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

The call-to-action refers to the words or phrases that prompt website visitors to fill out the form to gain access to the content. Similar to advertising copy, this should be short, succinct, direct and inspire the reader to take action.


Your form is the crux of your lead magnet strategy. The form is where interested people will enter their contact information, transforming from a typical website visitor to a potential lead.

You must carefully consider how to structure your form. You want to be able to collect the most pertinent information, but lengthy forms could annoy or intimidate readers, inspiring them to click away from the page altogether. Striking the right balance with the number of form fields will be essential to encouraging high conversion rates.

Auto-Responder Email

Finally, it’s important to establish contact with your new lead promptly after they’ve initiated the transaction by filling out your form. One of the best ways to do this is to set up an email that is automatically sent to that person after they’ve completed the form.

In this email, thank the person for downloading your content, welcome them to your brand community and, if applicable, tell them what they can expect from you in the future – for example, if you’ve added them to your email list for a newsletter.

Lead Magnet Ideas

Brafton’s team of copywriters, graphic designers, animators and videographers craft custom content for every phase of the customer journey. To generate even greater interest in your brand and to nurture leads closer to a final sale, the right lead gen content can push you over the goal line.

Lead magnet examples include:

Visual guides.



Preliminary audits and
competitor analysis.

Customer testimonials
and case studies.

Templates and



A lot more.

Brafton specialises in creating high-value, high-ROI lead magnets from start to finish. This means we can help brainstorm ideas for your campaign, create the asset from scratch, build the landing page, form and other essential elements for lead generation, and track the results for you.

Here are 9 lead magnet examples we can help you create for your brand:

Establish authority in your industry and provide the most comprehensive piece of content on a topic your leads crave – all possible with a white paper.

Combine stunning eBook design and effective storytelling to wow prospects. eBooks are media-rich, visual assets that stand out from other content types, and they convincingly incentivise downloads and form completions.

Most people appreciate a free sample that’s easy to get. Offering a taste of your product or service will entice people to bite – and if they like it, they’ll come back for more.

An email course is a series of emails that educate your audience on a particular topic. If you have instructional content, such as informative articles, how-to videos or educational infographics, these can populate your email course.

Case studies and video testimonials are excellent types of bottom-of-funnel content that potential clients love to examine. These provide proof of your brand’s value, and can help turn your leads into happy customers.

Instructional videos, such as live-action how-tos or animated explainers, give your audience helpful advice or tips on a common problem they may be facing. Use these to share important information and demonstrate your thought leadership.

Checklists for common processes in your industry are great for garnering interest. They are easy to follow and helpful for teaching people how to carry out a specific task. Plus, they’re easy to create; even a simple Google doc converted into a PDF can do the trick. Brafton can help you ensure these are clean, branded and helpful assets.

A good resource list will help people do their jobs, engage in their hobbies or carry out daily tasks more efficiently, enjoyably or effectively. Share these resources with your audience, even if you’re not directly promoting your brand; it’ll show your leadership and willingness to help your customers.

A software trial gives prospective customers a peek into what it’s like to use your system. These can be valuable, even if you’re not a SaaS company at your core. If you have any type of website features that require a login, you can provide a free trial of your system.

Supporting Services

Lead magnet creation isn’t something you can just do on a whim; plenty of forethought, strategy and follow-through is needed to carry out this tactic properly. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Brafton can help with your efforts through a number of supporting services:

Buyer Persona Creation

Knowledge of your ideal customer and the typical buyer journey they take will help you create lead magnets that work. If you don’t have buyer personas, take the first step toward intelligently targeting your audience with our help.

To create your buyer personas, our consulting team will conduct interviews with your internal staff, leadership team and/or existing customers, as well as perform industry research, to create up to five fully developed personas.

Lead Magnet Ideation

Don’t know where to begin with lead generation? We can help you determine the best types of assets to draw attention and entice website visitors to fill out that all-important form.

Distribution Strategy

Driving traffic to your landing page is essential to the success of your efforts. Your dedicated content marketing strategist (CMS) can create a distribution strategy that will help you get there. This may include:

  • SEO strategy.
  • Email marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Just as every brand will have a unique approach to the type of lead gen content they create, each brand should have a tailor-made distribution strategy. One organisation might find success using Facebook ads, for example, while another may generate more interest through an effective SEO strategy.

Your Leads, Your Content

Brafton’s team of strategists, consultants and project managers can help you:

  • Develop targeted buyer personas.
  • Align content with high-value prospects.
  • Launch a full-scale lead-nurturing campaign.
  • Measure performance and effectiveness.
  • Recommend complementary assets.
  • Optimise where necessary.