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Marketing leaders know successful content marketing stems from data analysis – yet 34 percent of marketers rely on intuition to determine strategies. In our upcoming webinar, “6 Business Goals for Content Marketing” on Feb. 25, we’ll explain how to take content creation from a game of chance to an act of strategy.

In anticipation of the event, we caught up with Lead Strategist Brendon Cottreau. It may be his first time hosting a webinar, but Brendon’s experience working with clients to determine the best strategies for their marketing goals makes him a natural fit to help

Lead Strategist Brendon Cottreau
Lead Strategist Brendon Cottreau

lead the discussion. We’re confident his years of experience on hundreds of client strategies will provide valuable takeaways to our attendees.

Check out this Q&A with insights direct from Brendon:

Q: Tell us about Brafton’s upcoming webinar topic – why is this such an important one for marketers?

For years, the mantra has always been “content is king.” While that’s certainly true, it has unfortunately led to many marketers developing content without a defined focus and getting frustrated when they don’t see the ROI they were expecting. Our webinar looks to change all that by helping marketers understand the role each type of content plays in a marketing strategy and how to put together the best game plan to lead your industry.

Q: When marketers outsource their content, what are the some of the most common goals they’re looking to achieve?

Marketers will come to us with a number of goals – better visibility in search engines (SEO), more engagement on social media, and – probably most frequent of all – more qualified web leads for their sales teams. It’s our job to develop a strategy that supports those objectives and adapt along the way to be successful.

Q: Do clients come to you with an understanding of what their goals are, or do you typically help sort through them?

It varies. Some clients have very clear objectives and just need help understanding how to get there. Others just know that they’re not maximizing the value of their website and look to us to coach them through what that value can be.

Q: Why is a strong analytics setup so important to goals?

Accurate data is essential to a content marketing strategy. Without understand exactly how users are behaving on your site and interacting with your content, there’s no way to make strategic decisions about what is effective and how to engineer success.

Q: How do you help clients identify the best formats for unique goals?

It tends to be a combination of experience and analysis. I’ve worked with a number of clients at Brafton across industries, so I’ve seen what’s been successful for achieving a variety of goals. That said, each client is unique and many times it’s looking at the analytics for their website and drawing conclusions from that to guide the strategy. The most important thing is to always be measuring the success of new content initiatives and being willing to be flexible based on what the strategy calls for.

Q: It’s your first time co-hosting a Brafton webinar! Do you get nervous about public speaking?

I’ve done my share of public speaking through the years, but I still get nerves. It’s usually just before the event, but once I get into it and I’m comfortable with the subject matter, I’m fine.

Q: What information about you most excited to share in the webinar?

I’m excited to teach marketers about the role that different content types play in a complete content marketing strategy. By understanding how to use each of the tools in their content marketing toolbelt, they’ll be better equipped to survive in the digital world.


“6 Business Goals for Content Marketing” will take place at 1:30 p.m. EST on Feb. 25. You can reserve your spot here.