Richard Pattinson

It’s been a busy year at Brafton so far. We’ve been online and on the road in equal measure, delivering results to our clients through best-in-class content marketing. We’ve been executing against strategies that constantly evolve as our clients’ needs change. We’re working harder than ever to stay ahead of the pack as the digital landscape matures.

2015 holds much in store. We will continue to innovate our service offerings to ensure the richest, most impactful on-page experience for our clients’ sites. We will develop our technology solutions to better support our content strategies. We will place an increasing emphasis on distribution and promotion. And we will extend training opportunities to our people and our clients so we can continue to learn and grow together.

Here’s a glance at some of our accomplishments in the first 100 days of 2015:

100DaysBrafton-01 (1) Our latest visual product incorporates brands’ aesthetic throughout their blogs and social posts. Our custom illustrations are a another huge step for brand awareness and ultimately customer loyalty.

On top of that, our graphic design team created 662 compelling infographics, as well as 68 website mockups.

100DaysBrafton-02 (2)

The average Tweet has a shelf life of five minutes, so we’ve given clients a lot of mileage with 38,000+ of them. We’ve tweeted about everything from magnets to cloud software, and even childhood literacy with our pro bono client 826 Boston. Our social strategists are all about fostering the conversations that matter on social.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside our new social analytics provider Sprout Social to provide even stronger social metrics reporting.

100DaysBrafton-04 (2)

We welcomed 88 new client accounts this year – which meant providing a lot of upfront consultation before we ever penned a word:

  • Custom content strategy developments

  • Website mockups

  • Keyword and SEO analysis

  • Baseline reports

  • Competitive research reports

Our account strategists met with more than 125 clients at their offices so far this year, providing that extra layer of collaboration.

Our new partnership with Searchmetrics only enhanced the 700+ analytics reports we’ve produced – and with 30 clients piloting our proprietary technology package, it’s all uphill from here.

100DaysBrafton-03 (2)

Our studio-based video blogs offer bite-sized analytical news coverage, tips and tricks, and everything in between. We were lucky to settle into two new in-house production studios, both in our Chicago and Boston offices to produce over a thousand.

While on the road for client video shoots, our team spanned North America – everywhere from Albuquerque to New York, New Orleans to Seattle.

100DaysBrafton-06 (2)

Client visits and on-location video shoots weren’t the only traveling that was done. Our teams got their content marketing smarts on, plus met some fantastic people while on the road at

  • SMX West in San Jose

  • ClickZ New York

  • LeadsCon in Las Vegas

  • Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas

100DaysBrafton-05 (2)

Our San Francisco and Boston teams said hello to new homes!

100DaysBrafton-07 (2)

And of course our teams rewarded themselves for their hard efforts, with after-work parties including bowling nights, “Escape the Room Boston,” dinner parties and cocktail hours.

On …

100DaysBrafton-08 (2)

Our early accomplishments for the year reflect that everyone across the business is working hard to make sure people have high standards for “marketing content.” We’re thrilled that our new branding and updated wesbite align with best practices we’d advise for our customers. This has been an extremely meta and rewarding project from our marketing department, and the initial results are a testament to the value of fresh and quality content. We firmly believe all content marketers should drink their own champagne in the effort they put into their digital media.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find when you move beyond our homepage:

100DaysBrafton-12 (2)

Bite-sized illustrations sure to make the inner-marketing nerd smile. Our latest marketing #TWITs can be viewed here.

100DaysBrafton-09 (2)

Our February webinar brought Lead Strategist Brendon Cottreau and Marketing Director Katherine Griwert together for an afternoon of content marketing for business goals. You can watch the webinar here.

100DaysBrafton-10 (2)

If you’re looking to jump start a content campaign dedicated to a specific business goal, our six-part Ebook series is sure to satisfy.

100DaysBrafton-11 (2)

If you haven’t been keeping up, our weekly Content & Coffee series airs every Monday on So far this year we’ve discussed everything from why marketers think they’re bad at content, to Kylie Jenner’s lips (and all in three minutes or less!)