Molly Buccini
It takes a special person to be a writer – part investigator, part translator, part storyteller. Even though it takes so many different skills to do this as a profession, there still seems to be a lot of confusion around what exactly a writer does.
Today, we noticed #TenThingsNotToSayt​oaWriter was trending on Twitter. Here’s a few of our teammates’ thoughts. 
“Oh cool! So what’s your real job?” – Chris Davis

“Wanna look at my kid’s English paper?” – Cassidy Wilson

“Guffawing in general when someone tells you he or she writes for a living. Don’t do that.” – Irene Yukash

“Can you write a character of me?” – Jennifer Jackowski

“Can you make it pop more?” (Bonus: This applies to designers, break dancers and balloon makers, as well) – Eric Wendt

“Talk to me when your book gets published” – Nicholas Olds

“I’m not a writer but….it should go like this.” – Jessica Wells

​”Thank you for submitting your manuscript! Unfortunately​…” – Matt Rickart

“Can you summarize the book you’re working on for me?” – Liam Green

“Write it just like that, but different.” – Tim Griffin 

“I really liked your article!” #thatmeansnothing #whydidyoulikeit – Hattie Parmeter

“Can you look over my cover letter for me?” – Liam Feldstein

Or, you could just play it safe, like Sean Callahan:

small pencil“When people ask what I do, I tell them I’m an underwater dance choreographer. No one asks any questions.” 

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