Dominick Sorrentino

Content creation is the only constant at a content marketing agency.

With another quarter conquered comes another chance to look back at some of our finest creative accomplishments.

This time we’re putting visual content in the spotlight. We have eBooks, infographics, videos, Instagram feeds and more lined up for you.

Enjoy (and do let us know if you see something you like):

1. ThoughtTrace: The coolest product launch video ever

This is how Baz Luhrmann would make motion graphics. Our animation team took subject-matter with potential to bore and turned it into a video loaded with pizazz to the last frame.

ThoughtTrace’s solution gives users plenty to be excited about. The hard part here was getting someone who’s never used the product as excited about it as someone who uses it every day and loves it. That excitement shines through in this 3-minute opus. We don’t like to brag, but our animators are truly magnificent.

2. Shibumi: A virtual conference ‘Sizzle Reel’

We helped Shibumi coordinate an entire virtual conference in Q3 2020, and it went swimmingly. The beauty of a virtual conference is that the presentations are all optimized for a digital format, so they retain their value long after the live event, like a great webinar or a really good TED

The key is to continue to promote that content so people know it exists. That’s what sizzle reels like the one we made for Shibumi are for .

3. Girl, LASH: Some TLC for the IG

Girl, LASH sells everything lash artists need to applicate and care for lash extensions. The online boutique approached us because they’d grown tired of the old “pink and black” motiff that countless cosmetic companies employ. They wanted to freshen up their Instagram feed with an airier color scheme and original content that captures the essence of the brand.

Aesthetically, we completely revamped the theme of the Instagram page, ditching this:

In favor of this:

We also added product shop tags, boosted some posts and created several stories. The results speak for themselves.

4. Saphisle: A website redesign for the ages

Saphisle approached us with a simple ask: Create a website that reflects their brand values, that looks professional and, above all, acts as a foundation for all future inbound marketing endeavors.

Ok, maybe not as simple as I let on at first. But Brafton’s Tim Olech certainly made it look easy, and our dev team really stepped up with a custom-built WordPress theme. Saphisle was thrilled with the outcome—especially these stylized illustrations of the company’s leadership:

Brafton designer Tim Olech worked from photos to create highly branded illustrations of Saphisle’s leadership team members.

5. Decorating Den Interiors: This eBook could be its own magazine

6. Untangle infographic: The anglerfish is the best phisher of all

Need we say more?

7. Base2Services eBook: The cheat sheet on the chalkboard

A unique design concept that makes the reader feel like they’re getting a real lesson in DevOps-style cloud migration? Check.

A seamless combination of the two? Check it out

8. Oliver Wight Americas: A video testimonial about visual content

You get 3 for 1 with this example. It showcases:

  1. A complete website redesign.
  2. Footage from multiple videos we created for Oliver Wight Americas.
  3. A remote testimonial from a happy client.

The beauty of a remote testimonial is that it gives you the best of both worlds. You get the client’s voice, but you also get to see examples of your work represented on the big screen—all without leaving the house.

Remote video testimonials are something that we started doing in response to travel restrictions from COVID-19. But what we’ve ultimately found is that it’s a lower-cost way to demonstrate success for clients, and in many cases, it can work just as well as an in-person shoot.

That’s what I call a win-win.

See something you want?

Let us know. There’s really nothing that we can’t design, animate, film or mock up.