Molly Buccini

We all have them: Little annoyances that creep every time you see certain things on social media. Whether it’s a post from that crazy aunt or a Fortune 500, certain social graces seem to miss the mark with some of your connections.

With the decline of social automation, businesses have more opportunities to express themselves, but it’s important to show some restraint. Things like over-use of hashtags and Tweet overloads can make followers scowl every time they see you creep up on their timeline or newsfeed.

Just for fun, we asked some of our social media teammates what their biggest pet peeves are across the networks. If you’re guilty of any/all of these, we apologize in advance.

My biggest social media pet peeve is…


When people post pictures of their food! #EatItDontTweetIt – Kendra

Cringe-worthy incorporation of memes in a post a year after they’ve become popular. It’s the easiest way for a company to look like someone’s out-of-touch mom. – Bob

Real time marketing bugs me like you won’t believe. Does an American casual dining restaurant chain really have anything to do with the series finale of that TV sitcom? No. It makes me cringe how hard brands try to be “cool” on that real time level. – Kristen



Ladies and gentleman, the abomination that is the #Humblebrag.

  • “Probably shouldn’t have bought my fourth pair of Louboutins this week. My self-control has been MIA for days.”
  • “All dressed up and too many places to go. Seriously, can’t a girl just stay home and watch Netflix on a Saturday night?”
  • “Well that #catcall was unexpected, dude on the street. Glad to know your type is the 6AM just-woke-up, unbrushed hair type.”

– Courtney

(Teammate Sumit agrees! Prior to discussing with Courtney, he also said “When brands/people brag about how awesome they are. #Socialbrag”)

#Needless #hashtags #are #my #biggest #pet #peeve #NeedlessHashtagsAreMyBiggestPetPeeve –Jill

I get annoyed by favoriting on Twitter. Just give me the retweet! –Joey

“I get annoyed by favoriting on Twitter. Just give me the retweet!”

When companies buy followers on any network.It undermines the whole purpose of social media marketing to drive new leads to your website. – Kyle

All caps and no punctuation – it’s like you’re yelling at me! – Brittany

Brands that constantly re-publish their same blogs and articles onto Facebook within a short time period. I’ve seen that already in my newsfeed, several times over. – Alex

What’s your biggest social media pet peeve? Let us know!