Molly Buccini

B2B marketers have a hard time understanding how Pinterest can be a valuable social network to showcase their “boring industry.”

We understand their fear of diving in: When thinking about Pinterest, topics like recipes, fashion and DIY projects come to mind. It makes sense that an ecommerce website could have success on the network, but where can a B2B come into play?

One word: Infographics

In a world where only 33 percent of B2Bs use Pinterest (compared to 64 percent that use Google+, 72 percent that use YouTube, 84 percent that use Facebook, 88 percent that use Twitter and 94 percent that use LinkedIn), infographics are the perfect way to combine factual information with the visual nature of the network.

Our Graphics Production Assistant Jesse Mack said “approachability helps communicate your message.” When dealing with a topic that is complex – an infographic or visual comparison can be a great explainer. Using a well known theme (like a holiday) to act as an analogy or metaphor can be the perfect opportunity to make your industry universally understandable.

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, we took a look through Pinterest and found seven industries that don’t come in close contact with the holiday – but still used the fun theme to craft a compelling, shareable story.

1. Marketo’s “The Walking Dead Survival Guide for Digital Marketers”

marketo infographic

Industry: Marketing
What they did: Marketo created a connection between zombies and marketing (while also tying in a popular TV show – another great way to incorporate a universal theme)

2. Career Leaf’s “The 10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes”

scary job seeker

Industry: Software
What they did: Using a “clumsy zombie,” Career Leaf walked readers through what not to do when applying for a job.
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3. Experian’s “Monsters in Your Email List”

experian infographic

Industry: Information Services
What they did: Experian compared email marketing to “monsters that are hiding under the bed.”
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4. Fixmo’s “Smartphones & Tablets in the Workplace: Trick or Treat”

dead tech infographic

Industry: Data Protection
What they did: Fixmo used known characters like Frankenstein, werewolves and vampires to
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5. Aftermath’s “The Scary Truth Behind Biohazard Cleanup”


Industry: Biohazardous waste cleanup
What they did: This infographic shows Aftermath’s expertise while also relating it to popular character who consumers can easily identify.
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6. Medical Billing & Coding’s “Sitting is Killing You”

sitting infographic

Industry: Medical Billing
What they did: This infographic uses a scary theme to convey the importance of a seemingly non-threatening topic. The scare tactic gets the attention of the target audience.
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7. Constant Contact’s “American (Deal) Horror Story”

american horror story

Industry: Marketing
What they did: Constant Contact detailed the problems that can arise for merchants within a traditional deals model. Like Marketo, they use a television program to convey their complex topic.
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