Molly Buccini

Meet Director of Account Management Ian Loader. He’s risen through the ranks of Brafton’s account management department to support teams based in Chicago and Boston. Management, he said, has been an opportunity to learn both about himself and his teammates.

“I think I learn something each and every time I step into a management role,” he said. “You really figure out a lot about people, how they work, what’s going to motivate them, and I feel it’s really one of my strengths to help them along their goals and their career paths.”

Ian works simultaneously with our team of strategists and Brafton’s clients to develop strategies that are aligned with each business’ particular goals. His strategic acumen and strong client relations have taken him on cross country meetings, and helped play a critical role in launching our San Francisco office.

“Be a chameleon.”

His teammates have heard him say it several times, and it’s his best piece of advice for a new strategist.

“There will be days where I’m talking to a client where we’re joking and talking about sports, and then the next twenty minutes after that I’m having a call with a Fortune 500 VP of Marketing who wants to see what kind of traction they’re getting from the content we produce,” Ian said. “Being versatile is super important in this role.”

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