Lauren Kaye

Industry: Financial services
Content: 40 Daily social posts
Highlights: Follower count more than triples in a year

There’s a common misperception that social networks are a place where consumer-facing companies thrive, while B2Bs have to fight to find an audience. The truth is that as social media evolves, businesses are expected to be active on networks. Employees are there too, on behalf of their employers, so they can evaluate competitors, respond to customer feedback, promote brand content and research prospective partnerships.

One Brafton customer in particular shows just how large social audiences can become when companies create a dynamic Twitter marketing strategy so consistent it keeps the brand’s name in news feeds consistently.

Will Tweet for followers

The client, which operates in the finance and accounting industry, worked with Brafton’s Content Marketing and Social Media Strategists to create an assertive Twitter campaign that included 40 daily Tweets. Before considering this volume of social content overkill, take a look at the results:

After creating a Twitter marketing campaign, an organization noticed its follower growth increasing.

Keep it fresh for a sustainable strategy

The company saw massive audience growth that continued after the one-year mark. How was it so successful without drowning its audience in updates?

The strategy took a broad approach to its subject matter that included news stories, job listings, white papers, webinars, business reviews, events coverage and blog posts about a handful of subjects that were important to its target audience:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Cloud computing
  • Treasury

Because the subject matter and formats were varied, the brand was essentially only tweeting 10 times a day about finance, accounting, cloud computing and treasury. Put this way, the volume seems manageable and – more importantly – valuable. By publishing content at this pace, the company could essentially become the primary social sources for finance updates readers need to make informed decisions.

Remember that Tweets have a relatively short shelf life, and the more accounts you follow, the faster the social stream moves

Staying on pace with Twitter’s fast-moving stream

The other thing to remember is that Tweets have a relatively short shelf life, and the more accounts you follow, the faster the social stream moves. Brands have to optimize against the reality in which their unique Tweets are only visible for a matter of minutes – or sometimes mere seconds – which means producing at a frequency that will keep them on followers’ radars all day.

This might sound challenging, but there are a number of strategies that can help companies share enough content to stay visible, such as distributing blog content headlines, curating articles from leading publishers, posting photos or repackaging compelling quotes and stats from existing content. With the ideal mix of formats and subject matter, brands can attract large audiences that are interested in their offerings.