Kristen Fritz

As a company that focuses on assisting clients with commodity futures trading management, Daniels Trading realized social marketing has potential to demonstrate expertise and engage new audiences. Still, the brand was new to the social spaces, and felt it was in its best interest to enlist Brafton for help with establishing a stronger online presence.

At the beginning of Daniels Trading’s relationship with Brafton, the focus was creating a robust website marketing industry-focused custom news content. Consistently updated, timely news articles related to the ever-changing trading market showed an increase in web traffic for Daniels Trading. 

We’re a heavily regulated industry, so we have to be careful about what we say and share… Brafton gives you comfort knowing things are handled properly. -Adam Nicholson, vice president, Daniels Trading

As the company won more social traffic and started seeing brand mentions around shared headlines, Adam Nicholson, Daniels Trading’s vice president of marketing, realized that it was time to bring his company’s expertise to social media to distribute the content more effectively.

Like many marketers, Nicholson had some initial reservations about getting more involved in social conversations. “We’re a heavily regulated industry, so we have to be careful about what we say and share.”

Ultimately, he’s happy with his decision to make Daniels Trading more interactive on social media, as the company saw its social traffic increase by 100 percent within a year, and assisted conversions rose significantly.

Daniels Trading launched social strategy focused on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

The strategy

First, Brafton set up newsfeed automation so articles would display on Daniels Trading’s Twitter and Facebook pages as they went live on the company’s website.

Additionally, customized interactive social media content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ gave followers and fans more than just news. Brafton’s social media team used those three networks to reach out to fans and followers and participate in conversations about trading and commodities on the company’s behalf.

Through Brafton’s use of trending hashtags on Twitter, interactive comments around shared headlines and proactive audience engagement on each social site, Daniels Trading reached new audiences. The company proved not only its expertise, but that it truly wanted to help followers understand the trading and futures industry.

The results

Within the span of a year Daniels Trading gained more than 2,000 new Twitter followers and these users proved highly relevant and ready to convert. The company received a greater amount of web traffic from its social media presence. Daniels Trading’s social strategy has proven to grow the brand’s online presence. This includes webinar enrollment and requests from visitors for more information regarding Daniels Trading’s services.

Assisted social marketing conversions

“We’re interacting with other companies that are leaders in commodities trading. …  It gives our company more authority,” – Adam Nicholson, vice president, Daniels Trading.

“We’re interacting with other companies that are leaders in commodities trading. … It gives our company more authority,” Nicholson says.

It also boosts sales. Conversions grew around 180 percent, which Nicholson largely attributes to a stronger brand presence. More specifically, assisted social conversions have risen more than 65 percent since launching a premium social marketing strategy.

By combining Brafton’s written content with a social media package, Daniels Trading furthered its marketing efforts and established itself as an industry leader. Theirs is an excellent example of the potential brands have when they implement a fully integrated strategy that delivers quality content and maintains a strong voice in the social sphere.

“It’s not a huge number of conversions relative to other campaigns, but it’s not the place we’re going to for conversions in our industry,” he said. “It has helped with thought leadership and industry presence by
getting the Daniels Trading name out there.”