We’re happy to introduce Brafton’s Third Thursday Tips video series! Every third Thursday of the month, we’ll bring you bite-sized content marketing tips. In this video, Brafton’s Senior Account Manager Kevin Elliot talks about how you can create stronger calls to action around your website content. Kevin outlines three rules to ensure your CTAs stand out and effectively align your content marketing campaigns with purchase funnels. Check out the full video below:

Video transcript:

When we’re talking about conversion optimization for content marketing campaigns, I usually advise three different suggestions to make sure the calls to action, themselves, really speak to anyone visiting a site.

First of all, you want to make sure they’re eye-catching. Having a CTA that’s grey or just a small button isn’t going to do a great service to you. You want to make sure your site visitors can find them easily, and they can see them perfectly.

The second tip I want to bring up is having three specific calls to action. With a strong content marketing campaign, traffic is ideally going to come in from all over the web. It’s going to come in organically. It’s going to come in from social media and through Google News and more. Traffic can be coming in from a lot of different places, and you’ll get visitors with different levels of knowledge about your company. While they’re on the site, you want to make sure they have specific calls to action that will speak to all of them.

  • You want to have the Buy Now call to action – one that’s very easy to convert from. This one says, this is my pricing, speak to our sales team. Someone will contact you or you can contact us.
  • The second one is going to be something that’s more like lead gen-focused. So it’s speaking to someone that might not be ready to convert, but they’re very interested in what you have to say and what you’re doing. So that might be something like, “Sign-up for our newsletter” or “Download our white paper” or “Fill out this form,” something that will let your sales team reach out and contact them in the future.
  • The third one is more of a nurturing tool, so it’s “See our resource center” or “View our video” or “See this related infographic.” Something where you can nurture someone and hopefully bring them up to speed so you can convert them.

The third overall tip is to make sure that you have revolving calls to action. You want to make sure that they speak to each piece of content specifically. With Brafton, quite often, our clients will have five to 10, sometimes even more, content categories. We want to make sure that each category has its own specific set of calls to action to make sure that we can speak directly to the traffic and directly to the person reading the article, be extremely relevant, but also increase the chance of conversion and reduce the bounce rate.