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Meet James. He’s a Chicago-based news and content writer at Brafton, and since he joined the team in 2013, he’s all about getting his feet wet in the business industry.

As a writer, James says his steady work flow helps him keep his writing sharp. “You’re going to be writing a lot. But, writing this much and learning this much as quickly as you are – you’ll never get anywhere else.”

His favorite aspect of the job? When he gets to combine his writing passion with his love of the outdoors – rock climbing, camping and kayaking.

“One of our clients happens to fall in line with all those sorts of outdoors things, so it’s really fun when I get to write for them,” he said. “Plus, if you’re writing for a feed and it’s something you have a particular knowledge about or if you have an expertise in, you’re more than welcome to cite your own knowledge – we appreciate experts at Brafton!”

Watch the video above for an exclusive look at James’ Brafton experience.

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