It’s the Championship round of Brafton’s Social March Madness tournament, and we’re giving our two top contenders 60 seconds to explain why their network is the best for social media marketing. Click play to watch the videos below, or read the transcribed scripts before voting for the network you think should win!


LinkedIn marketing = social success

LinkedIn is the best social network for marketing because LinkedIn’s users are there to engage with companies. No one visits LinkedIn to complain about the Golden Globes or to see the new stud your aunt is dating. Serious, interested users is why LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites, more than twitter and Facebook combined. And with nearly 200 million unique monthly visitors and consistent user growth, LinkedIn is only getting better and better for businesses.

Why Twitter will take all

Why is Twitter going to crush this Social Media matchup? I’ll give you one good reason: The rules on twitter make the network a “frictionless” one. Everything—posting, sharing, engaging—is smooth and easy. Further—you can do a lot of it! Marketers can send out heaps of content to an audience that is primed to share on a platform that makes sharing simple. I’ve been saying it since the first blog: Twitter takes the trophy in social marketing.

Now that you’ve heard both arguments, don’t forget to vote for the network you think should win our tournament. By casting your selection, you also have the chance to enter for a free month of premium services on the winning network! BE SURE TO CAST YOUR VOTE