Sonora Birnie

When it comes to creating a gorgeous and user-friendly website, there is none better than Senior Front End Developer David Winterbach. 

You may be wondering to yourself, “What in the world is a front end developer?” Chances are if you browse the internet at all, you’re familiar with a front end developer’s work. These are the incredible tech experts that make websites usable for people like you and me. Think of things like menus, drop-down bars and other important user interfaces. David also handles the important job of incorporating the applications, graphics, audio and video clips that make websites engaging for visitors. 

No doubt about it: David is a master of this trade, guiding website design and development from a user-based perspective. 

He has a considerable history in the industry and we at Brafton are lucky that he ended up on our staff. These days, he works on the tech team to produce amazing landing pages and other web features for both Brafton and our clients. For example: Like the way this page looks? Chances are high that David had a hand in making it (and many other pages on our site) easy to navigate and read. 

But what makes David tick in and outside of work? 

Business Owner to Agency Superstar 

The thing about web development is that it requires both immense creativity and precise analytical thinking, skills that are not always easy to find in a single person. Luckily for us, David fits the bill. He has always been a self-starter,  as exemplified by the software development business that he began on his own.

As impressive as that feat is, he continued to operate independently from there for about seven years.   During this independent era of David’s career, he gained plenty of experience in a different way due to the variety of clients he was able to do work for.  

According to David, one of his proudest moments was when he “was part of a team that developed a system that took a 40-year-old business and removed the need for paper, from the sales to manufacturing [departments].”

Previously, his client operated with a mostly paper-based communication platform. Alongside his business team, David was able to get the customer to transition to a completely paperless operating environment. 

But how did he go from that amazing accomplishment to working with our clients here at Brafton? The answer is perhaps more straightforward than you might expect. As it happened, he came to be a part of the team through a website.

After a job posting floated across his computer screen, Brafton became a serious point of interest for David. And it was love at first sight! As he puts it, “It’s a great company that puts its people first, and doing so creates a sense of loyalty [that] is unique in itself.” 

Now, he works with an internal team to create functional and user-friendly websites. 

From the Computer to the Great Outdoors

Make no mistake about it, David does more than just work on the World Wide Web. When not creating magical websites on the web, David loves to venture out into the great outdoors and do a little exploring. Surfing, fishing and rock climbing are just a few of the ways that he escapes from the bright light of his programming screen. And luckily for him, David is based in South Africa, so there are plenty of opportunities to dive headfirst into a little (or a lot) of nature. 

Another interesting thing that one might not guess about David is that he is a big fan of remote-controlled cars. It’s a hobby that gets him excited and out of his office in South Africa. Just like his work with Brafton, it’s a creative and thoughtful endeavor. For David, it’s not just about creating websites, it’s about developing connections.