Sonora Birnie

At Brafton, we have many talented internal teams that work together to create an impeccable end product for our clients. With so many moving parts, it’s essential to ensure coordination and ultimately keep everyone aligned to a predetermined strategy. But what kind of superhero could possibly manage this tall order? Enter Senior Content Marketing Strategist Sean Weddell. 

The Starting Point 

Sean’s path to Brafton was a winding journey filled with learning opportunities, years of experience building and career pivots. To understand how he got here, we have to take it back. All the way back, in fact, to the University of South Carolina. As a native of the state, this is where Sean went to college, graduating with a degree in sport & entertainment management. 

Ask most star marketers what they majored in during university, and they’ll probably say something that’s not marketing. Experience is king in this industry, something that Sean isn’t short on. After working for an email marketing company for five years, he was ready for something new professionally.

East Coast to West Coast

One thing you should know about Sean is that he isn’t afraid to take on a challenge, whether in his personal life or career. Just as he was getting the itch to move into a new space professionally, Sean and his soon-to-be-wife made the massive move from the east coast to the west coast… San Diego, California, specifically. Two years ago, they picked up and planted themselves in a new city without knowing anyone to start a new chapter in their lives. 

For most people, this would be a big enough change, but after only six months of living on the other side of the country, Sean came across a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategist posting for, you guessed it, Brafton. In true Sean fashion, he dove in head first with an application despite the fact that the position was outside of his comfort zone. This didn’t deter Sean in his pursuit of professional growth. 

That leap of faith paid off, and Sean has been working with our West Coast content marketing strategy (CMS) team for about a year and a half now, launching marketing campaigns and making strategic decisions to guide clients to success. 

From the Ice to the Beach 

Content marketing strategists need to be both personable and analytical, a dichotomy that Sean carries over into his personal life as well. A lifelong sports fan (all sports, in his words), Sean is an especially big fan of hockey and has played in some capacity all his life. “There are a surprising number of adult leagues in Southern California,” Sean says. 

Since moving to the sandy beaches of SoCal, Sean has picked up surfing as a hobby and even practices a couple of times a week as he tries to improve. What I’m saying here is that, regardless of the climate, without a doubt, Sean will be having a good time. 

When he’s not working with internal teams and strategizing with clients, Sean and his wife love to explore all that San Diego has to offer. From finding new hiking trails to trying restaurants and making the trip to LA for sports games or concerts, there is always something new to do. 

 As he puts it, “One day, we’ll go back east because that’s where our family is, but for now, we are just having a good time exploring the area.” 

Life at Brafton with Sean Weddell

True Professional Development  

Since joining our team here at Brafton, Sean has been thriving in our fast-paced environment. He says that, though the role requires agility, the culture of knowledge sharing that is fostered at Brafton is extremely rewarding. Sean’s previous role was similar to his current job, in that he ensured the success of a roster of clients when using a specific email marketing tool, but he wasn’t as comfortable with things like SEO.

“To be where I’m at now, a year later, looking back, it’s just amazing that SEO and keyword research is my favorite part of the job now. It’s reassuring to know that you can always grow and learn something new, and even master it.”

And master it he has, with a long list of happy clients and successful projects as proof. Now, Sean is a confident and reliable member of the team, someone that both clients and co-workers know they can trust to get the job done. With that, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from the man himself: 

“As I was reflecting professionally, I didn’t know this world existed a year ago, and here I am now, a senior CMS,” Sean said. “You can always learn something new. It takes time, but with the right support and people, as we have here at Brafton, you can continue to grow your knowledge base.”