Joshua Potts

My first few weeks at Brafton were incredibly smooth and welcoming. Here, I get affirmation and professional credibility, whereas with my own clients, I get to flex and experiment beyond the corporate world.”

Likes, shares and follows give most of us a dopamine hit, but for Brafton’s Senior Social Media Strategist, Isaac Norris, they’re more of a wallop to the heart. “I’m extremely interested in the ethical use and creation of social media,” he says, several open screens reflected in his eyes. In recent weeks, this issue has become more prominent, and is affecting our lives more than we realize. From shaping our reality to freedom of expression, the intersectionality of ethics, morality, and social media has never been more prominent in our culture. These platforms aren’t just for cute memes and TikToks.” 

If anyone knows, it’s Isaac. His love of social media is like wearing a pair of electric pants to work — wherever he goes, whatever the industry, he gets a jolt. Every day he feeds that energy into some of our biggest client accounts: those that want to speak a little more warmly and creatively about what they do best. He also handles our own social channels. If you’ve found yourself snagged on a Schitt’s Creek meme recently, it might’ve been him. 

From planning topics and posting schedules to lighting the fuse for dynamite writing, Isaac is used to telling stories in 150 characters or less. But what about the character behind it all? How did he land at Brafton with such a passion for social? 

We asked him to share more about himself, taking a break from the dozen other conversations he’d been stirring that day … 

Taking The Lead On Hot Topics 

Much of Isaac’s work at Brafton follows what he’s always loved to do — tap into social’s true potential. First though, he was in charge of long-form writing, editing and directing a regional magazine based in Birmingham, Alabama. Stints at several agencies followed, letting him focus on cutting stories down for that sweet “like” button. 

When the pandemic hit, he’d just launched his own agency, Norris Media Ltd., working with two major clients right out of the gate. 

“The instability of the pandemic caught up to me, though,” he recalls with a half smile. “I wanted way more stability. My first few weeks at Brafton were incredibly smooth and welcoming. Here, I get affirmation and professional credibility, whereas with my own clients, I get to flex and experiment beyond the corporate world — mainly parties and nightlife around the South East.” 

Today, he still runs Norris Media. The double life suits Isaac well (with or without an outfit change) because he’s restlessly inventive online. 

He counts one of his Brafton clients, Hatfield Meats, as a highlight. Isaac’s been working with them for over a year, posting recipes, tips from their in-house chef and drool-worthy pictures of “pork with a pledge.” The business has been aiming for a younger market, and he’s found a bunch of influencers to spice up Hatfield’s demographic appeal. Yep, posing with pork could be your job too! 

Never Bashful About Nashville 

Between so many missions in the digital world, you’d be forgiven for thinking Isaac just speaks hashtag, flicking amongst photo filters while trying to grow more arms. But no, he’s a proud Southerner. Which means heading out under wide skies, hollering for extra volume in bars with more tequila than you can pronounce. 

“Living in Nashville, concerts are a constant joy,” he says. “People tend to remember my passion, honesty and penchant for disco balls — follow the call, y’all.” 

He plays several instruments and, with a Nashvillian flex, counts himself as having “a pretty good singing voice, no shame.” We’ll be watching for him on the country charts. You can bet if he does break big, the social promotion will be on point. 

What other skills does he covet? “Well, outside Brafton, I’ve been able to speak at various Nashville LGBT Chamber events on how business owners can view social as more than just a presence online — it’s their forever billboard just waiting to be utilized.” Public speaking keeps him on his toes; another way to spread an unforgettable message, hitting as many notes as a Kacey Musgraves chorus. 

We’re so glad that Isaac is taking his social obsessions to the ninth degree at Brafton. Give him the mic for your social channels too, and your audience will lap it up.