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Trying to pin down Meghan Jones is, as the nuns in the Sound of Music would say, like trying to hold a moonbeam in your hand. She’s a stellar Senior Project Manager for us at Brafton and she seems to have found a way to make time stretch in order to fit in her many hobbies.

Between being a hobbyist interior decorator and foraging for wild mushrooms on woodsy walks with her fiance Evan and dog Bruno, there seems to be nothing Meghan can’t do.

From Pack Leader to Project Manager

Meghan started her journey in the comforts of South Shore, MA near Cape Cod. She eventually made her way to Boston to study business management at Lesley University with a double minor in marketing and photography.

Her first leadership role was as a Pack Leader at the Pooch Hotel where she spent the day playing with and leading dogs of all shapes and sizes in a fully comprehensive doggy daycare. While this may have seemed like a dream job to most, her ambitions lead her to dabble in real estate soon after.

“I got my real estate license after a semester as a marketing intern at a rental agency in Allston,” said Meghan, “But after graduating, I craved the consistency of a 9-5 and found my stride in project management in the marketing space.”

Meghan realized that being a leader was not as far behind her as she thought — just like Bruno with his favorite bone in the backyard. So, she decided to dig into her network. From the depths of her school connections, Meghan found Brafton through a high school acquaintance who used to work on the social team.

“I was working at a direct mail marketing agency in Dorchester (a bit of a hike outside the city) that was relocating to the North Shore. Being pretty newly out of college and enjoying the city life, I sought other opportunities in Boston proper and found Brafton in the heart of the financial district.”

Now, two years into her current role as a Senior Project Manager, she can confidently say that this position has helped her become a better leader, organizer and lover of all things new and exciting. From new accounts to industries and writing projects, there is never a dull moment for Meghan.

“There are always new challenges to face and puzzles to solve, each with opportunities for wins and learning experiences,” she says. “I also love that I get to work with every department at Brafton. Not to mention, my role at Brafton has turned me into an organizational wizard, and equipped me with the skills needed to plan my own wedding.”

The Road Is Paved With Pizza

A day in the life of a do-it-all type like Meghan is packed with pursuing her (many) hobbies, spending time with Evan and hosting epic pizza parties.

When she’s not managing timelines, accounts and editorial, she thinks of fun ways to express herself creatively. Whether it’s taking care of her 50+ houseplants or upcycling furniture, Meghan brings just about everything she touches to life.

You can find all of her creations on her Instagram, @megh_makes, where she posts her newest blooms from her garden, picturesque meals made for two and her upcycled furniture finds that make suburban living look absolutely dreamy. You may even catch a glimpse of her sweet rescue bully, Bruno (who also has his own Instagram which can be ogled at here).


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Meghan’s daily routine consists of back-to-back calls and diving into our project management system, Atlas. Before she gets started on all of that, though, she “starts with dragging Bruno out of bed for a walk around the block, followed by fussing with my houseplants while my pour-over coffee drips for what feels like forever.”

While fresh coffee aromas fill the air, she researches the latest in home planting with a daily YouTube episode of Garden Answer which features the bright, smiling host’s gardening journey in Ontario, Oregon, with helpful tips on home gardening. Meghan’s own gardening and mushroom foraging fuels her favorite hobby of pizza making which gives her the perfect opportunity to host pizza parties with friends.

How she finds time to do all of this on top of planning her wedding and leading the charge at Brafton is a mystery only she knows the secrets to.

No matter how busy her day, she makes sure to spend time with the two men that matter most to her. “Once all of my grownup responsibilities are done for the day, all three of us curl up on the couch to watch The Sopranos for the umpteenth time.”

At the end of the day, the most important thing to know about Meghan is that she is a joy to work with, to chat with and is always available to share a word of advice or two when you need it.