Kimberly Mehrtens

As a Sales Operations Executive at Brafton, MJ Ortega shines not only due to her work ethic, but the joy — and laughter — she brings to her team.

With a long background in sales and marketing, MJ has extensive experience working in leadership roles for various hotels in Panama. Yet, when she saw the Brafton job posting for her current position, she took a leap of faith and switched to the sales operations side.

Outside of work, MJ spends her time living life to the fullest with her husband, from dancing to watching sports to planning stellar barbecue parties. And it’s this joie de vivre that she brings to the Brafton table, alongside her great work, that sets her apart.

Taking the Leap From Marketing to Operations

Originally from Panama, MJ holds a Marketing and International Business degree with a Negotiation specialty from the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana. From there, she got her MBA in Finance and Administration from the Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnologia.

“I believe in loyalty and ethics,” says MJ. “And I love any chance to learn more.”

Equipped with her strong work ethic, MJ quickly rose into marketing and sales leadership positions within the hospitality industry in Panama City, Panama. From Bern Hotels and Resorts to the Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis, she helped develop and implement marketing strategies and lead her teams to success.

However, MJ eventually found Brafton’s job posting for an Operations Sales Executive online and decided to try her hand at the other side of sales and marketing.

“I found it on LinkedIn,” says MJ. “I saw the open position and really liked the job description. I was a sales and marketing manager, so I decided to switch to the operations side.”

Growing Skills and Making Moves

As a Sales Operations Executive, MJ has a lot of moving parts to keep track of, but she’s been excited by the opportunity to learn and evolve her work toolkit.

“I used to be a sales and marketing manager, so this is really changing to the other side of the work,” says MJ. “It’s been quite a pleasure to learn how the operational world works. It has made me a better employee as I understand more about this side of the business.”

With Brafton, MJ noted that she felt her day-to-day work feels as if it’s contributing to something larger that keeps her motivated and excited for the future.

“I have the chance to learn with Brafton,” says MJ. “My work makes me feel like I am going somewhere.”

As an integral part of the Sales Operations team, this energy is palpable and helps to inspire her team and colleagues across the board.

Enjoying Life From Barbecues to Shopping

Outside of the typical 9 to 5, MJ keeps her energy up and loves to stay active. She specifically loves making plans with her husband and friends to spend time together doing fun activities.

“I’m a dance lover, a huge sports fan and I love making barbecues,” says MJ. “Well… I make the invites and my husband grills. But I’m the one who organizes it, so it’s really my barbecue!”

Besides getting together with friends and family, MJ also utilizes a strange talent that helps her both in the workplace and out of it: her photographic memory.

“My photographic memory is something my husband hates,” says MJ. “I can recreate a whole scenario moment-by-moment.”

However, it’s not just her incredible memory that MJ brings home with her from work — she also takes advantage of her extensive experience in sales

“My memory is extra useful when I’m shopping and need to convince him that we need something. Five minutes with me and you’ll believe you need that item in your life,” says MJ. “I guess once a salesperson, forever a sales person!”

At the end of the day, MJ’s spirit is what sets her apart from the crowd. It shows in her work and every aspect of her life, which is why Brafton is so thankful to have her on our side.