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While Brafton’s main hub is in Boston, today’s technology and remote working models have allowed us to recruit talent from all over the world. So across the Atlantic ocean, you’ll find Web Developer Archie Makuwa working hard to keep our clients’ websites operating smoothly from his home in South Africa.

Self-Taught Web Developer

Before transitioning into website development, Archie was a Printer Technician for Panasonic Business Solutions. While his performance was outstanding (Archie was named employee of the month 4 times in a row!) he didn’t love this line of work.

“I decided to bite the bullet and change to website development,” Archie explains.

After making that decision 11 years ago, Archie became a self-taught Web Developer. Working as a contractor, he was able to take on various projects with different clients. Fast-forward to today, and Archie’s been a full-time member of the Brafton website development team for a little over a year.

But, what exactly does it mean to be a Web Developer at Brafton?

“My daily duties vary from modifying and updating websites according to client requirements, to building websites from scratch using design mockups provided by the design team,” Archie explains. “Sometimes I get to collaborate with fellow colleagues, such as copywriters and designers, to plan new and existing projects. Other times, my duties involve testing websites for performance and troubleshooting any identified problems.”

Lovin’ Life at Brafton

How did Archie go from being a one-man-show website developer to joining the Brafton team? From our blog!

While searching the web, Archie came across the Brafton blog and bookmarked it. When he saw that Brafton was looking for a new team member, he was already familiar with our name and was eager to apply for the position. His interview solidified his decision because, as Archie says, “the type of questions asked during the interview made me keen to join Brafton.”

Throughout his tenure at Brafton, Archie shared that the environment can be challenging, but it’s allowed him to grow his skills and learn a lot. While performing complex work, Archie feels that he has plenty of resources and support to guide him through new web development projects.

“There’s always someone available to exchange ideas with or clarify something. I also love the fact that there’s documentation or help guides for almost anything I need to get the job done.”

When he’s not working on websites, Archie enjoys hiking in the mountains of South Africa and playing soccer with his friends. Just be warned — being ambidextrous, Archie has some fancy footwork that he uses to his advantage on the soccer field.

Setting Goals and Participating in Global Collaborations

Life@ Archie Makuwa

When Archie puts on his web developer hat, he often finds himself working with people from across the globe to bring client projects together and achieve customer KPIs.

“I love the collaboration often seen when working on client projects. I love the project ownership the company provides to all employees — your project becomes your baby, and it feels really good to take a project from 0 to 100%.”

Throughout his 11 years as a Web Developer, Archie says that his favorite part of being a member of the Brafton team is uniting with such a skillful, international crew and getting to take on exciting projects together.

“I love it at Brafton. Everything from the talented, awesome team, to the everyday challenges and learning opportunities, makes [working in a challenging field] worthwhile. I also love taking ownership of projects and Brafton affords me that opportunity.”

Archie is all about uncovering new solutions, making sure websites run smoothly and working together as a team — which is what makes him such an exceptional and valued member of Brafton.