Hey there – Molly here to talk about video marketing in this week’s Content and Coffee. Did you know people spend about 5 and half hours a day watching video content? This is great news for marketers because videos are one of the most successful formats for web conversions – but it also means videos made by a rookie producer on an iPhone aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Here are 5 beginners’ mistakes to avoid:

First, Think about where you plan to shoot your video. Lighting and sound are important – but also think about branding. Do you want to show off a fast-paced start up feel or a professional, mature office setting? This might be a person’s first impression of your company – it’s up to you to mold their perception.

Video branding styles

Another mistake is not planning enough time. Nothing will irk your interviewee more than if you schedule them for an hour, run over, and make them late for their next meetings. This is easily avoidable if you book the person for longer than you expect the shoot to take. Plus – this give you time for practice takes that can provide extra footage.

Next – you don’t want to have your interviewees walk onto the set blind – you need to prep them with the video’s concept, some of the questions you’ll be asking and what they should wear. Simple wardrobe fails can make or break your production – wearing nude makes you look nude. Clinking bracelets could mess with your audio. Also, suggest interviewees bring an extra shirt – this provides some insurance in case their outfits clash with the room or another presenter.

video wardrobe fails

Finally, post production, the biggest mistake is not thinking about opportunities to repurpose. Raw footage can easily be sliced and diced into  a short teaser for social media, bonus footage for your website, or even a blooper reel for your internal staff. You’ve invested time and money into your video – you don’t want it to be a one and done effort.

Don’t have the resources to produce videos in house? Check out some of our client’s videos on Brafton’s Fuel Your Brand YouTube page – and don’t forget to check back every week for your weekly Content and Coffee.

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