AOL quietly released a new content site at earlier this month, but according to a number of search engine optimization (SEO) experts, the site is nothing more than spam.

Although AOL has done little to promote the site so far, TechCrunch says the company will officially roll out the product later this year with AOL saying the site’s goal is "to create sites with content on any topic that people love."

But most in the industry appear to be saying that the site’s various subdomains create nothing more than spammy material.

Aaron Wall seems to lay the blame at the feet of Google after Eric Schmidt, the search engine’s CEO said an emphasis on brands would "sort out the cesspool."

"Counter to Eric Schmidt’s claims, any objective viewer of search would note that brands are creating the cesspool," Wall wrote at SEOBook. "This is the driving corporate SEO strategy across MANY verticals today: make up for ad declines by polluting Google with recycled garbage."

On Twitter Wall also notes that has more than 100,000 pages in Google’s index including items like, .com and

The controversy behind should shed new light on how original content can help with search engine optimization (SEO).