Molly Buccini

In an effort to “more effectively manage and monitor all brand activity,” LinkedIn has debuted a new Notification Center for company pages.

The dashboard lets company page managers view the latest comments, likes and shares from the past week and month in one streamlined location. LinkedIn said through this update it “aims to reinforce our goal of giving our members more meaningful content while empowering our customers to know what information is engaging with their desired audiences.”

Here’s a look at some of the features accessible from the new Notification Center:

See who’s mentioned your company:

Notification Center LinkedIn

Why this is important: When you know who mentions you on LinkedIn, you can get a sense of your broader social reach. You can see when people actually share your content and analyze what they’re sharing. What’s getting their attention? Is it mostly written blogs, videos or graphics? What’s the subject matter and what are they saying about it?

Social Media Manager Kristen Fritz said this tool is important for strategists managing multiple clients.

“I like how it gives you a look at the client’s ‘social actions’ that day and a one-month recap side by side,” shes said, “I can imagine this will make quick analysis easier for our clients that get a lot of action on their Linkedin pages.”

Respond to users who mentioned you from your brand’s handle:

LinkedIN Notification Center


Why this is important: 38 percent of internet users form a negative opinion of companies that are late to respond to them on social media.  This feature ensures marketers see when someone has mentioned them, and it’s an opportunity to include a personal touch that lets users know they’re heard and appreciated. This is key to REAL social engagement and it could help you make connections with prospects or thought leaders.

Receive all company page notifications through one alert:

LinkedIn Notifications 1

Why this is important: For social strategists managing several clients on LinkedIn, or marketers with an active personal presence on LinkedIn, it can be hard to manage all notifications coming through. Having all notifications for one company page in a single update ensures no notifications will slip through the cracks.

The notification center is among many strides LinkedIn is making to improve the experience for them, baking in value to further separate it from a job-seeking forum. LinkedIn is making it easier to measure the influence you’re building and who you’re building it with, so you can capitalize on those connections.

We’ve always thought LinkedIn was an important network for B2B marketing, especially when brands have relevant content to share with their target audiences. For one client, brand discussion on the social network resulted in  a 295 percent increase in referral traffic.


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