Molly Buccini

Still under the impression your audience doesn’t use social media? Based on these demographics we’d disagree, but now Twitter has an advertising option that people can appreciate even if they haven’t bought into social media.

The social network announced it will soon start offering promoted Tweets and promoted videos within other apps, so they show up as advertisements (display or native) within an app their target audience uses.

Here are some of the perks outlined in Twitter’s official blog post:

  • Customizable call to action buttons so you can direct users easily to the next step you’d like them to take
  • The ability to favorite or Retweet without having to redirect to the Twitter app
  • Targeting options available on Twitter, like interest, username and keyword can also be applied to campaigns across mobile apps

Social ads are an important tool in boosting your message, and they’re catching on. For brands that have their own mobile apps, this is a great way to integrate your marketing efforts across channels. Including social ads as a component of your mobile app business plan can significantly enhance your overall strategy and outreach.

Twitter included two advertising case studies from Macy’s and JBL within the announcement. You can view these here.

3 Things to think about when creating a promoted Tweet

  • Language: We recommend laying off the jargon-heavy lingo and sticking to a message that’ll be universally appealing. Someone who has never heard of your business or industry must be able to comprehend the overall message you’re trying to share. (When in doubt, remember that posts perform best when they’re written at an average of about a sixth grade reading level.)
  • Demographics: Drill down the exact ideal candidates for your ad. Alongside targeting specific industries, think about targeting specific industry leaders. Targeting “content marketers” is great, but if you can get on the radar of a content marketing influencer, you’ll gain even more traction.
  • End goal: Trying to gain followers? Show off a new product? Generate new leads? Your approach should be different depending on each of these goals. In our Content for Goals ebook series, we go through how you can create different assets for goals across the sales funnel. You can download one or all of the ebooks here.

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