Gregory Rich

At this very moment, about 2 in 5 marketers are stressed about not having enough resources to effectively run their content campaigns. It's this lack of resources that might be why 1 in 4 marketers ignore content altogether. Because 40 percent of marketers don't have dedicated content producers, having a steady digital presence can be difficult. One effective way to get more people excited about your content strategy is to start with those closest to your business – your employees! 

When you solicit your fellow teammates for help with content marketing, it's important to think first about the specific goals you'd like the content to achieve.

For example: 

If you're looking to gain thought leadership, reach out to your teammates who can provide those really niche, expert opinions. Maybe these people haven't come forward to help with content because they don't consider themselves marketers or writers, or they simply don't have the time. Instead, asking them to sit down for a five-minute Q&A takes pressure off the "non-writer," brings out insights only an expert would have, and is a great way to show the humans behind the machine.

If you feel that awareness about your brand is lacking – recruit your employees to become brand advocates on social media. They can post images from company outings and events – at Brafton, we use the hashtag #brafterhours to compile these). Live-Tweeting from a conference or industry event and sharing job listings and blog posts will also connect your brand to all of their networks.

And finally – remember that people who aren't working in your marketing department might not be coming at content with these business goals in mind. Remind them the purpose for the content they're helping with to ensure you're all on the same page, and no one will be surprised by the end product.

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