The search giant is showing that it has a sense of humor today. While online searchers are looking for information about practical jokes to play on pals (with “April Fool’s Day” returning second-to-second Google Realtime updates), Google is catching clicks for some of its own pranks.

In fact, at press time, two of the top three search terms in Google Trends are related to the company’s “helvetica” and “comic sans” switch up. (It seems the joke is over, but for a brief time, searching for either of these phrases produced results in the fonts, themselves.)

Here’s a look at some of our other favorite April Fool’s Day jokes from Google:

LOL Display Ads: It’s offering “a new (old school) upgrade for display advertising” that lets partners select from new formats, including “Punch the Monkey” and “LOLcats.” Google LOLcats.

A New Way to Communicate: The company has unveiled a “Gmail Motion” feature that lets users communicate via email without touching their keyboards. Give a thumbs-up to reply. Lick an imaginary stamp to send a message.

“Gmail Motion will free the regular user from the constraints that modern society and machines have put on our body,” the company’s “movement specialist” says.

Chromercise Tips: Google is also advocating a little hand and finger exercise for typers using Chrome who want to browse the web faster. The tips come complete with a workout video…