Merchants who hope to boost their ecommerce from Google product pages might be happy to learn that the search giant is now focusing on offering more relevant information to shopping searchers. The company announced via the Google Merchant blog that it will partner with data service Edgenet, as well as suppliers and manufacturers, to offer better product info.

The company explains that supporting content is key to helping consumers make purchase decisions. “When you’re buying items online rather than in a store, it can be hard to make sure you have all the information you need about a product,” the post says.

To ensure that the most accurate and necessary info is at consumers’ fingertips on Google product pages through Shopping searches, the search giant is partnering with Edgenet to get data more easily. Edgenet lets manufacturers and suppliers control product data that appears on search and shopping sites to improve “quality, depth and marketability.”

These services may improve the odds that people will buy products from local businesses. In its blog, the company offers a product page for the Canon s95 camera. Improved data about the camera may create a more compelling case to buy it, and the company points searchers to nearby locations where they can make the purchase.

The benefits of improved product info may bring commerce to local businesses with Google Places listings, and this may help the search giant move further into the local market. Local marketers might expect more benefits from Google partnerships to come. As Brafton has reported, Google execs have said entering the local ad market is the company’s top priority.