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Hey everyone – I’m Wilfred, and today I’m challenging you to think about the people – not the “users,” not the “sessions” – but the real life people who are on your website. Are you thinking about them? Good – because at the moment, most marketers aren’t.

New CMO data found only 12 percent of marketers have specific customers, markets or goals in mind when they create content — which is probably why half of all content gets no shares and no links.

In today’s content and coffee, I want to describe how to create content for people at different parts of your sales funnel. Here’s a few examples:

2Questions (2)

There’s the person who just found your business: They need high-level information – clear and simple. They’re asking, “What does this company do?”

I recommend a quick, minute-or-less corporate overview video. Explain the benefits of your business like you would to a person you just met. And it’s also good to make a team video, because the question “Who are these guys?” is just as valid as “what do they do.”

Also, make sure you have easy-to-find landing pages describing the different products you offer, or verticals you serve, so first-time guests can see the breadth of your company.  Remember, when a person is reviewing your landing pages they’re looking for information to validate a potential purchase. I like to incorporate comparisons charts, product demonstration videos, and a healthy amount of descriptive written copy.

3Entertained (2)

Then there’s person warming up to your business: They need content that’s going to empower them, educate them, entertain them.

I like to use blogs to answer questions your target demographic might have. Think of all the how, what, and why questions your potential users have. Now type those questions into Google. I bet you found some of your competitors blog posts in the results , didn’t you? No matter, it’s your job to make those posts even better! Include infographics, lists, videos, quotes and lots of written copy to make sure search engines view your content as superior.

These people deserve content they’ll want to share because it makes them look good.

4Meeting (2)

You also need content for the person who wants to do business. They need validation that this is the right purchase for them.

This is where you pull out success stories or testimonials featuring people just like them who are happily enjoying your service or product.

Once you create content that considers the human side of your “users,” you’ll see results. Find a much more in-depth guide to content for the people in your sales funnel in Brafton’s related Content for Goals eBook series.

Content for Goals Ebook Series

Brafton AMA Nerd ChallengeOR we can talk about this in person! I’ll be cohosting the American Marketing Association’s Boston Nerd Challenge with Brafton on Oct. 6 – and I’d love to see you there.