It’s no secret that the newspaper industry is in trouble, but one paper in the Midwest is implementing search engine optimization (SEO) and Web 2.0 techniques to popularize itself with readers and advertisers.

Editor & Publisher reports that the Tulsa World began launching microsites in January that were related to New Year’s, weddings and health, mind and body – with the paper reporting that the sites have proven to be among the most popular from the company among advertisers.

The microsites use Flash technology and are being crawled for content by search engines. The paper says that the sites are implementing search engine optimization (SEO) to make it attractive to search engines and Web 2.0 tools which ease viewers’ navigation.

Amanda Boyaci, Tulsa World special sales manager, told Editor & Publisher that the paper also add original content to the sites which increases their attractiveness to readers and search engines.

"I think it’s very important to update the sites as often as possible to give people a reason to go back," Boyaci told the magazine. "We also add local content whenever possible and try to tailor that content to our sponsors so that we can help get their message out."

Others in the journalism world are also using search engine optimization in the hope of drawing traffic to websites. In an interview with the Association of Online Publishers, Drew Broomhall, search editor for the Times of London’s website says he already sees journalists using search engine optimization (SEO) in their pieces.