Yahoo! has launched a preview of its new SearchMonkey platform.

The device will allow retailers and online marketers to annotate search results in order to include additional information which will be displayed alongside.

Amit Kumar, who gives his title as chief SearchMonkey, made his comments in the company’s blog, noting that the new tool will allow site owners to offer searchers a more useful experience.

He suggested they will choose to include links, images and name-value pairs as this could increase both traffic quality and quantity.

"With this online tool, developers can build data services that can be used to present richer, more useful search results," Mr Kumar explained.

Earlier this year, the Yahoo! employee discussed the potential of SearchMonkey at the Search Marketing Expo West conference.

He commented that traditionally the search sector was mainly about results alone but that once the tool is launched, publishers will benefit from being able to annotate their listings, opening a range of promotional possibilities.