A trend discovered by an Australian business researcher – and likely to be seen around the world – is that fewer than half of the fastest-growing companies are using search engine optimization (SEO) to help draw potential customers to its web site.

Web Marketing Workshop, a Sydney-based search engine marketing consultant, surveyed the 100 fastest-growing companies in Australia, as defined by national business publication BRW. It found that just 42 percent of these companies designed their websites with any kind of targeted search engine optimization (SEO). However quickly a company grows, experts say that it cannot sustain itself without the kind of diversified online marketing strategy that includes SEO.

The managing director of Web Marketing Workshop, Clive Hawkins, said that "[i]f nearly 60 percent of these companies are doing little to create even more opportunities for business through their websites, then it’s surprising since once of the essentials for any website these days is to get search engine optimization basics sorted out."

Although the recent economic downturn affected Australia as much as the rest of the world, a number of enterprises in that country continue to thrive.