It’s hard to read technology news these days without coming across something about Twitter – and with good reason as a new report finds that it was the fastest growing website in March.

According to statistics from comScore, the micro-blogging site grew 131 percent in March to 9.3 million visitors. The company says that amounts to a 5 million visitor increase in one month’s time.

The comScore report says that one of the theories behind the swift rise of Twitter is the massive media coverage of the service over months of February and March which included photos of the crash landing of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River which were distributed through Twitter users.

If that’s the case then Twitter should be expected to see a similar increase in April as the site has already seen its biggest day in history last week when talk-show host Oprah Winfrey announced she was tweeting.

According to Hitwise, Twitter saw a 43 percent increase in traffic following the Oprah announcement with 37 percent of all visits being attributed to new users.

It’s still not clear how this new popularity will help marketers using the micro-blogging service. Although many new people are joining the legions of Twitterati, it’s unclear how many new users will stay on board.