In a groundbreaking update, Google has launched new features aimed at enhancing the online visibility of educational courses. This initiative, effective as of November 15, 2023, marks a significant shift in how course information is presented on Google Search.

Enhance Course Discovery With Structured Data

Google’s latest feature encourages course providers to use enriched structured data, offering a more detailed display of course information. This includes key details like pricing, educational level, ratings and course duration. 

By integrating this structured data, courses will be showcased in a new carousel format on Google Search. This innovative approach is designed to streamline the process for potential learners, enabling them to easily find and compare courses that align with their educational aspirations.

Legacy of Course Listing and New Developments

The introduction of this feature builds on Google’s existing course list markup, enabling publishers to list essential course details like name and description. This enduring feature remains active, ensuring that course visibility is not disrupted, whether providers opt for the new course info markup.

In contrast, both the established and the new systems employ the same structured data type, providing a cohesive framework for course information. This strategic approach ensures ease of integration for publishers, facilitating a seamless transition to the enhanced format. The result is an enriched user experience on Google Search, where course information is more accessible and engaging for potential learners.

Guidance and Tools for Publishers

To assist publishers in adapting to these changes, Google has updated its course info developer documentation. This resource offers detailed instructions on how to populate both mandatory and optional fields. Courses that adhere to Google’s guidelines and criteria will be eligible for display in both the existing course listing and the new course info sections.

Moreover, the Google Search Console has been enhanced with a new report specifically for course info. This report helps publishers identify and correct any issues with their structured data, distinguishing between valid and invalid entries. 

Additionally, the Rich Results Test feature within the Search Console allows for immediate validation of course info markup, facilitating a quicker and more efficient data formatting process.

How Does This Impact Course Developers?

Google’s new structured data guidelines for course information are poised to transform how courses are discovered and compared on Google Search. This development is not just a boon for providers looking to increase their visibility, but also for potential students seeking suitable educational opportunities.

Course providers are encouraged to utilize these new tools to maximize their online presence. For additional support and queries, Google has made resources available through the Google Search Central Community.

Google’s latest update makes it easier for course providers to clearly showcase their offerings. Using structured data, they can now present courses in a way that helps learners quickly find what they’re looking for. For assistance on how to complete the essential and recommended fields, you can find more information at Google Developers – Structured Data for Course Info.

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