Molly Buccini

If you work in B2B digital marketing, you probably know Instagram is a big deal – but aren’t quite sure if you can make it work for your brand. Chances are, you’ve looked enviously at all of the ecommerce brands who have to products to display for this great new medium. If you don’t sell trendy clothing, don’t run a luxury travel agency, or don’t have adorable animals hanging out in your office, you might fear you’re forcing it.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are six tips (with examples from ten B2B brands we admire!) for boosting your Instagram game:

Tip One: Create a hashtag campaign

Constant Contact’s #FailFriday: This is a clever way to showcase employees, while also providing valuable information to fellow marketers.

3M’s #LifeWith3M: How can you make medical supplies and innovative technology visually appealing? 3M’s hashtag campaign shows how its products fits into our lives.

Tip Two: Utilize your brand colors

We bet you can tell Marketo  has a style guide based around violet and purple tones. The same goes for Schneider Electric and its use of green.

Tip Three: Take advantage of user generated content

FedEx isn’t using Instagram as a place to show off its packaging expertise. Instead – it shows off its global impact – with the help of user generated content.

Commercial real estate doesn’t always sound picturesque, but CBRE caught our attention with beautiful cityscapes captured (with the help of UGC) across the globe.

Tip Four: Strive for photos that look good together

MailChimp does this by keeping it simple. Miller Electric knows what its followers like to see – hands on, action shots. (Also to note: Miller poses questions to its followers about the welding projects they’re working on – it gets a massive response!)

Tip Five: Repurpose videos for max exposure

Marmoset provides quality audio for video producers. What better way to show off expertise than using this social network to showcase videos featuring its own product?

Tip Six: Keep it spicy!

As a stock image provider, we had high expectations for Shutterstock. This is an example of mixing things up, bringing a variety of images to the table and ultimately giving followers the mystery of what type of post will be next.


What are your favorite B2B social marketing campaigns? Let us know who else we should follow!