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Beach days, summer Fridays and sunshine oh my! ☀️ For those of us in New England, I think it’s finally safe to say that the summer weather is here to stay and we can put our winter hats and shovels away. Don’t worry, we’ve been drinking our coffee iced all year long —- now we don’t have to do it with frozen hands.

In this edition:

  • Meet our newest social media strategist
  • IG content we’re obsessed with
  • Baseball season is in full swing
  • Pinterest is buzzing more than ever
  • Tweets with all the summer vibes


We are so excited to welcome our newest social media strategist, Isaac Norris to Brafton’s Social Team! After a career in publishing at a few southern culture magazines across the Southeast, Isaac moved into agency life pursuing social media and digital advertising.

Here are a few fun facts about Isaac:

  1. Based in Nashville, Tennessee (yeehaw! ) and is originally from Alabama, where he earned a degree in mass comm & journalism at the University of North Alabama.
  2. Involved in marching band (marching arts if you’re fancy) for 15 years (yes, years) throughout high school and college, playing saxophone and mellophone!
  3. HUGE Lord of the Rings fan *Consider this a warning from Isaac: don’t get him started talking about it because he will not stop.*
  4. Enjoys disco balls, dancing, cooking, camping and traveling across the southeast!

Welcome to Brafton, Isaac!


Over here at Brafton, we are BIG FANS of Canva. May we even say obsessed? And what do we do when we’re obsessed with someone? Follow them on Instagram, duh!

Did you know that Canva shares super cool tutorial videos on their Instagram?

Like this one using the background remover tool.


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A post shared by Canva (@canva)

Or this one using the melt effect.


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A post shared by Canva (@canva)


Baseball is back and we had a very important question to ask our fellow Braftonians. Don’t worry we didn’t ask them to choose between the Red Sox (Ben Affleck) or Yankees (ARod). But, the right answer would always be the Red Sox.

What would be your walk-up song?

Here’s what they said:

Careless Whisper – George Michael

Get At Me Dog – DMX

Stranglehold – Ted Nugent

Good As Hell – Lizzo

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – Queens of the Stoneage

Shake Ya Tailfeather – P. Diddy [feat. Nelly & Murphy Lee]

This could be the start to the most interesting Spotify playlist.


If you’re not using Pinterest as part of your social media strategy yet this might change your mind. Pinterest recently announced:

“There are now more than 5 billion searches on Pinterest every month. As people prepare for a post-pandemic life, searches for outfits, vacations, and home renovations are at all-time highs, and searches for weddings have presumed pre-pandemic levels.”

5 BILLION. We’re shook – that’s a lot of margarita recipes and summer outfits. Here’s a really great article from Brafton’s COO, Meredith Farley, all about Pinterest.

The time might be here, fellow marketers. Instagram is testing new upload options from the desktop version (yes, we said desktop!) of the app.


Now we are officially ready for summer.

Blame it on the warm weather and sunshine.

A month full of Fridays? Count us in!


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