Ben Silverman

Of all video media, animations are the most universal. They traverse ages, education levels, even languages. Viewers can experience an animation passively or actively, and watch them with full sound or silently. With major improvements to animation creation technology and responsive, high-quality viewing technology, our appetite for the animated has never been higher.

What are the benefits of animations?

A successful animation is able to break down a complex topic and make it more accessible to widest possible audience. Many users looking for information would rather watch a short and appealing animated video with sound than read the equivalent text. Visual content with accompanying audio is perfect for step-by-step how-tos, reviews, advertising and more. Additionally, they help to:

  • Grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout. And do it in as little time as possible. Brafton’s Director of Video Product, Perry Leenhouts, recommends that animation marketers

Start with a question that identifies a problem… Follow up with a “we have the solution” kind of response. Grab the viewer’s attention with a dynamic animation and engaging music or sound effects, with a charismatic on-camera personality, or go for shock value with attention-grabbing footage and matching voice-over. You’re promising a solution or to fulfill a need in the next 10 seconds, who wouldn’t want to stick around for that? End with a CTA to route the viewer to your site.”

  • Painlessly and efficiently educate your viewers in an entertaining way. Attention spans are short, so animations are perfect for teaching your audience about your services without losing or confusing them.
  • Make a lasting impression. Audiences tend to remember fun, entertaining and pleasant experiences online. They are more likely to remember you from an excellent, appealing animation than from your text.

Here is a look at how an IT company included animations as part of their content strategy to increase their traffic 172%. For a guide to goal-focused video marketing from Brafton’s Video Production Manager, you can read more here.

Tips and takeaways for animation marketers

  • Take advantage of branded gifs (Here’s our list of seven branded gifs for inspiration)
  • Use your animated content to make your brand and service more accessible and friendly
  • Bring your audience back to your site with animations broken into a series, rather than one long piece
  • Brand your animations – The better the branding, the more likely your audience will associate your business with the animation

Here’s an example of Evelin’s work:

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