Keyword density refers to the frequency with which content marketing articles contain the terms or search phrases a business has opted to use as part of its keyword strategy. Keywords are among the most important elements of a content marketing campaign, but overusing the terms can negatively impact content and search visibility.

SEO and keyword density

Keyword density plays a major role in the SEO value of content. With content quality becoming an increasingly important element of search engine optimization, optimal keyword density has become more widely discussed. Avoiding excessive use of these terms is important when hoping to create high-quality content that informs and engages readers, while also improving search standing.

A common rule of thumb is to use keywords appropriately in the metatags and descriptions of a given website page and no more than once per 100 words of content. There is no precise measure of how frequently keywords should or should not be used.

Instead, content writers and marketers should check to ensure that website pages include keywords to signal to users (and search crawlers) what a page is about without impacting readability. See also keyword stuffing.