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Digital Transformation of a Legacy Brand: Clemens Food Group

Pull up a chair for Clemens Food Group, the parent brand representing family, integrity, professionalism and tradition. Revamping its digital persona wasn’t just a project, it was an odyssey into the brand’s very soul.

Our quest was to revamp Clemens Food Group’s digital face, artfully blending its rich legacy with a fresh, contemporary vibe — all while weaving a cohesive style and tone across the brand portfolio.

To achieve this, we took inspiration from the work we did for its sister brands, each adding their own dash of character:

  • Hatfield, with its resolute ‘simplicity and clarity’ approach, inspired us to maintain ease and lucidity throughout the site.
  • Farm Promise, embodying an all-natural ethos, influenced us to incorporate organic, earthy elements into the design.
  • Clemens Food Service, targeting both B2B and B2C realms, motivated us to create a digital space that catered to diverse audience groups effectively.

We stirred these elements into our marketing mix until we achieved a seamless brand narrative, all while keeping Clemens Food Group’s unique identity in sharp focus.

The result? A digital emblem that perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy — a harmonious blend of old and new. Clemens Food Group’s rejuvenated website stands tall as a testament to the power of strategic digital transformation, significantly enhancing its online visibility and engagement.