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A Logo Brought to Life for Moody’s Analytics

Moody’s Analytics, a renowned authority in financial risk and performance management, offers unique software solutions designed to optimize business performance. Their robust portfolio extends across numerous sectors, reflecting their versatile and comprehensive approach.


Designing an animated logo for such a prestigious brand required a blend of creative ingenuity and technical mastery. The task at hand was to embody the essence of Moody’s Analytics within a single, dynamic visual representation.

Combining design expertise, strategic color choice, and sophisticated animation, we created a logo that beautifully encapsulates the broad scope of their services and their influential role in the industry. This logo, more than just a digital asset, made its debut on the screens at the bustling San Diego airport in January – February 2022 during a significant event in the area, extending its impact beyond the digital sphere and asserting the brand’s presence in the physical world.